View Full Version : New to coding, need some help:

12-13-2004, 04:09 AM
Hey guys ! This is the most wonderful site I have ever seen when it comes to building a site. So many things to make it look pretty, and innovating ! Just can't wait until I learn to code them myself, instead of copy / paste :P

Anyways, I am wanting to add something to my site that I do not know how to work. I looked through most of the sections here, but I do not even know what category it would fall under.

Basically, I have a forum set up. It is linked to on my index page. I have set my index page up with layers, and have them taking up various amounts of space. On the far right, the layer is set at about 20%, and no height restrictions. I have, so far, 2 tables in this layer, each displaying a different picture that is thumbnailed. Below these two tables (each having only 2 rows and 1 column) I would like to place a "window" that will show information from the forum's I have up.

In a forum, on the right side, it will always tell you the name of the last post, who posted it, and when it was posted. I would like that same information on my index page, in the position listed above. Could anyone throw me a bone ? Even telling me how that would be categorized would be a big help, or where on this site the code is available ? :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated !