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06-20-2006, 01:06 AM
I've tried to use the ajax script on provided here to request a page, it works well when using pure HTML e.g <a href="javascript:ajaxpage('anything.htm', 'anydiv');">anything</a>, but when i try to use it in PHP within a session i keep getting syntax error e.g of code. $message .= <a href=\"javascript:ajaxpage('anything.htm', 'anydiv');\">anything</a>";

I've tried everything can anyone help?

Also can anyone give me an example of how I can use XML with AJAX as I know XML much better that javascript.


06-20-2006, 01:26 AM
explain what you are trying to do.

You can use AJAX to post variables to a page, or get variables from a page.

For example, if you wanted to use AJAX to get the profile of user ID $id which is defined on the main page.

You would make a page called AJAX.php which would get a users profile by the $_GET variable $id.

So then you can make it go echo("getajaxpage(ajax.php?id=$id)");

06-20-2006, 01:40 AM
I'm trying to load data from either a switch in the page or and external file into the div.

I have lots of functions that changes the divs to save the session state at present so i don't want the page to be refreshing for everything so i need ajax to do what it does best.

here is an example.

<? $message = "";
$message .= "<div class=placeholder>\n";
$message .= "<div class=links>\n";
$message .= "<a class=shiftleft href=\"javascript:ajaxpage('?page=myaccount', 'content');\">My account</a><br>\n";
$message .= "</div>\n";
$message .= "<div id=content>\n";
$message .= "</div>\n";
$message .= "</div>";

here's a ajax script i fond on this site
var bustcachevar=1 //bust potential caching of external pages after initial request? (1=yes, 0=no)
var loadedobjects=""
var rootdomain="http://"+window.location.hostname
var bustcacheparameter=""

function ajaxpage(url, containerid){
var page_request = false
if (window.XMLHttpRequest) // if Mozilla, Safari etc
page_request = new XMLHttpRequest()
else if (window.ActiveXObject){ // if IE
try {
page_request = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")
catch (e){
page_request = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
catch (e){}
return false
loadpage(page_request, containerid)
if (bustcachevar) //if bust caching of external page
bustcacheparameter=(url.indexOf("?")!=-1)? "&"+new Date().getTime() : "?"+new Date().getTime()
page_request.open('GET', url+bustcacheparameter, true)

function loadpage(page_request, containerid){
if (page_request.readyState == 4 && (page_request.status==200 || window.location.href.indexOf("http")==-1))

function loadobjs(){
if (!document.getElementById)
for (i=0; i<arguments.length; i++){
var file=arguments[i]
var fileref=""
if (loadedobjects.indexOf(file)==-1){ //Check to see if this object has not already been added to page before proceeding
if (file.indexOf(".js")!=-1){ //If object is a js file
fileref.setAttribute("src", file);
else if (file.indexOf(".css")!=-1){ //If object is a css file
fileref.setAttribute("rel", "stylesheet");
fileref.setAttribute("type", "text/css");
fileref.setAttribute("href", file);
if (fileref!=""){
loadedobjects+=file+" " //Remember this object as being already added to page