View Full Version : iframe and menu doesnt work at same time

06-15-2006, 12:36 PM
Hi, i'm having a problem with getting my iframes and menu to work at the same time. The story's like this ;

First of all i had an iframe and mouseover menu working, there was 1 main page, 1 iframe which all the links loaded into. But some were different size's, so i decided to add the code so that the iframe would change size depending on the page it was loading. But the links on the drop down menu are in javascript in the head content of my html, and the guide
shows you at the bottom how to get your links to load pages up in that iframe with the adjustable size. So i did this for one of the links to test it out. Now the menu doesnt work.

To help you assist me, here are the webpages...

This one is fine, but without the resizing iframe, this is the original (put your mouse over the country's to see the menu in action) ;
But this one is the one where i tried to get the new iframe resize to work with the menu

and as you can see the mouseovermenu you saw in the first link doesnt appear in the 2nd.

Please help me asap.

Thank you :)