View Full Version : please help me about target for inline frame in connection to...

06-09-2006, 02:25 AM
hello guys..
i used the script of dynamic drive of the photo album found in image effects >> galleries...
but that page where i put that code is loaded in an inline frame but the links found in itself no longer loads in the same inline frame...it takes the whole page instead..
i don't know how to change the the code var href_target="_new" to the right one that will reference to the same inline frame

i tried using var href_target="_new"
or var frame_target="inline" (inline is my inline frame name)
var iframe_target="inline"

do help me out with this guys..

- my problem is i want every link in my page to load inside the inline frame not anywhere else... -

hope you could help me.. this is really urgent.