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06-06-2006, 11:42 PM
Where can I find some free scripts for the following

Proxy (like those free online proxy sites)
temp email (like thrasmail.net)
Paste bin (pastebin.com)
dns tools (dnstuff.com, iptools.com)
tags (like stumbleupon.com and million other sites that have the 'cloud' style tags)

and also keotag.com is really nice, how did they get all these little tools on one site (digg, stumbleupon, etc)??

Sorry for the many questions, I just do not know what on earth the search terms are supposed to be to search all these (well aside proxy, but I'm asking for suggested scripts to use)

06-07-2006, 03:55 AM
google "proxy" or "anonomous", or install phproxy on your server if you have php.

dunno about temp email or paste bin.

dns tools are complex, require access to databases and company records, and you can't do this. The closest you could come is maybe a text box and a send button that, when sent, take you to a page on an outside site that has this setup.

tags are complex and vary by use. you need options for submiting, managing and linking tags as well as marking items with tags. you would need a database, a good deal of server side coding (php most likely), and you would need a complex website setup in a format that would allow tags, where the pages were dynamically generated based on content, all held in a database, etc.

I don't really get keotag... just glanced. Basically it's merging search engines?
It has advanced scripting, both serverside and clientside, as well as integration with a lot of search engines. Not sure how easy, practical, or allowed that would be, but I'm sure it's not just a free script you can download.

Apart from proxy, with phproxy, none of the above things are likely to have free scripts you can use. they are advanced, and the creators woudn't want to give out their scripts.... they're complex and give their sites traffic.... not something you'd just hand out.

All of this is possible through (mostly) php, and maybe some javascript, but you would need to learn a lot. It's not just a "how do I add this to my site easily" question, but rather something that would be a large investment of time for you.

Good luck.

06-07-2006, 10:20 AM
dns tools are complex, require access to databases and company records, and you can't do this.Untrue. The information shown there is gathered entirely from public resources.

However, things like reverse DNS lookup will require you have some minimal C/C++ and sockets experience; you can't do it in most scripting languages.