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05-31-2006, 08:30 PM
I've tried the Auto Maximize Window Script and it doesn't seem to fully maximise the window for me. I still need to click the box to fully maximise the current window when loaded - it seems to stop just shy of the actual maximum. Has anybody got an explanation for this or another method I could try please?

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06-01-2006, 07:24 PM
It really depends upon the browser and an increasing number of them either won't allow this sort of thing or, if the may, can also be set not to.

Another browser dependant aspect of this sort of thing is:

How does the browser know the size of the screen and the dimensions of the the browser chrome for this particular window instance and when does it know them?

In IE especially, the browser seems not to be able to calculate the dimensions for the scrollbars, addressbar, menubar, etc. and even if these are going to be rendered, until after the window is already drawn.

There is always the 'fullscreen' specification, an IE only specification for the window.open() method that can often help or, if the characteristics of the fullscreen specification are not what is required, the window itself (via further javascript) can be resized and moved after it is drawn, and these chrome specific measurements are known by the browser, to the desired size/position.

Since most of the above applies only to IE though, object tests must sometimes be performed to determine what browser the client is using. Fortunately however, except in the case of the fullscreen specification, most other browsers will either follow IE's path in the code, without complaining or ignore it.

Why do you feel a need to control the user's browser so much anyway?