View Full Version : HV Menu rollover for two images at a time

05-31-2006, 03:04 PM
I'm using the HV Menu found on Dynamic Drive and I was wondering is
there a way to make the top menu items change 2 images when you mouse
over them?

So for example for the top menu item

Menu1=new Array("rollover:images/deposit.jpg:images/deposit_on.jpg","index.asp?pID=deposit","",0,23,121);

I want images/deposit.jpg to change to images/deposit_on.jpg as the above code does
I would like
images/Online-Banking.jpg to change to images/Online-Banking-Deposit-Serv.jpg

I almost need the array to look like
Array("rollover:images/deposit.jpg:images/deposit_on.jpg AND images/Online-Banking.jpg:images/Online-Banking-Deposit-Serv.jpg","index.asp?pID=deposit","",0,23,121);

Thanks for your help.