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  25. Max. Columns & Foreign Keys
  26. How to create an online auction
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  30. sql not functioning on submit
  31. Select random row
  32. how to read file and insert database
  33. How To Import SQL?
  34. MS SQL stored Procedure
  35. C++ and Mysql
  36. Problem with storing data in MySQL
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  40. get data from SQL through the web server without created a link to SQL server.
  41. "Top Two" Query - Reqd Results not showing
  42. PHP Nuke Help
  43. data output help
  44. MS SQL Express 2005 Managers?
  45. MySQL-- Ordering results by...
  46. Change output to variable
  47. auto get data from MS SQL server n insert into mysql database? Urgent
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  50. Photo database
  51. Grouping Output Data
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  53. Help, anyone!!! PHP/MYSQL will Hire!
  54. Is this possible?
  55. MS SQL Server and Visual C++
  56. What is MySQL?
  57. Importing large text files into MYSQL
  58. More problems with MySql!!
  59. SQL Server to MySQL Stored Procedure
  60. addslashes problem
  61. Login Box
  62. Dynamic Images
  63. Importing .cvs to MySql database -- phpMyAdmin
  64. image upload location to db
  65. Submit & View Data
  66. Developing a "Phonebook" With Microsoft Access
  67. Dreamweaver MySQL recordset connectopn problem
  68. uploading to mysql via c+ panel
  69. Server Config Suggestions, Web, DB, MySQL, PHP
  70. What's this error, i do not know what to do now.
  71. Which characters should be escaped?
  72. Installing MySQL
  73. Veiwing Database Contents?
  74. Select Multiple Options
  75. either : or command to an if/else?
  76. how to get mysql
  77. Updating MS Access Data Base
  78. Query Problem
  79. very basic database
  80. How to remove %0D%0A before inserting $_GET['rte1'] in my database ?
  81. please help me to sort this out
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  83. Help! What is MySQL?
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  85. Dynamic forwarding from SQL-Database
  86. How to remove?
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  88. export data
  89. Self Join or Intersect?
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  96. Moving A Database To A New Server
  97. Need An Opinion On How/Why This Was Done
  98. Associating Materials with table
  99. one to many to many
  100. Windows Apache Mysql Php Tutorial
  101. Building a PHP/MySQL Web App
  102. Creating Username & Password page
  103. mySQL query?!
  104. Agency Locator
  105. Html saved in table...
  106. faster queries
  107. My First Table
  108. "select * " vs "select col1, col2 "
  109. Database
  110. help me in mysql
  111. Please help
  112. distinct from multiple tables
  113. how to insert an image into BLOB field
  114. Question About Column
  115. Moving Fields Up/Down
  116. i am suffering from this problem from last 10 days can any one help me
  117. Denied Access
  118. Adding A Boolean To My Column Type
  119. Combining Info From 2 Tables...
  120. Ordering Result Alphabetically
  121. update database via dropdowns
  122. MySQL Error In Query
  123. ORDER BY Multiple Columns
  124. Query Question
  125. Connection string for SQL Express (in Visual Web Developer) // asp.net v2.0
  126. Show/ hide content and save
  127. [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_DBC failed
  128. creating backup
  129. complex query help plz
  130. DW8 issues with Recordset and MySQL DB
  131. problem in update query
  132. a complex sql update
  133. how to insert values into enum fields in mysql
  134. Script to dynamically incorporate links from mysql into popout menu?
  135. show contents
  136. Select in Where
  137. Form Data to MySQL Database help
  138. Help: 2 Tables using 1 query
  139. Importing XML into phpMyAdmin for MySQL
  140. My Own SQL database
  141. acces DB asp&wml...sound bad aaa?:)
  142. Connection with Mysql data
  143. Order Mysql Results??
  144. How to configure PHP and Mysql?
  145. the average of how old the "newest" file is in a table?
  146. SELECT ID's with No Active Records.
  147. MySQL Error Handling
  148. How to set table cols and rows
  149. Retrieving data from a database and displaying it in a table
  150. MySQL and MSSQL Database
  151. Move Data from 1 Table to Another
  152. Any error in database only tell me and i will solve it now
  153. Dump DB to CSV
  154. Inserting a text file line into database
  155. can one change enum w/o losing content?
  156. Do databases save space?
  157. Mysql _ error Help a proffesional needed
  158. Forum Breakdown
  159. restoring database command
  160. In simple please
  161. Database Transfer
  162. PHP MYSQL database
  163. Alter a MySQL table to add a column using PHP
  164. Using value from a drop down list selection
  165. Mysql tables???
  166. Setting Up A My SQL Database
  167. Help with a query
  168. Ip2location dabase help
  169. Storing special characters in MySQL
  170. Problem with searching database with php code
  171. Uploading file
  172. LEFT JOIN Issues...
  173. single quotes & double quotes insert into mysql
  174. PHP, Dreamweaver and MySQL
  175. insert new row to table in php Mysql
  176. Data Concurrency:
  177. Setting up Benchmark tests ?
  178. I have problems logging
  179. Database website open so slowly
  180. create / insert / update record(s)
  181. Automaticlly insert to database what typed in search
  182. using select in an insert question
  183. SQL Query Problem
  184. mysql select array id's, i.e. multiple id's
  185. Mysql
  186. Setting Up A My SQL Database
  187. select * from
  188. two ID cols
  189. mysql - remove a line from db via php script?
  190. merging tables
  191. mysql ver. 4.1.12 database needs importing
  192. Storing user name and password for MYSQL
  193. MYSQL User Login
  194. backing up the database
  195. search: select similar, not like
  196. Store multiple value in single column
  197. How to open my.cnf?
  198. Setting up a file database
  199. Storing Image into database
  200. How to create foreign key under xampp with MYISAM engine?
  201. Foreign Key related MySQL error
  202. A small login database using MySQL
  203. Storing format of date and time
  204. How to stop and return from a stored procedure
  205. XML problem!
  206. 'commit' cmd... check first?
  207. i just dont know where to post this
  208. How to make foreign key linking in PHP/MYSQL?
  209. MySQL Phone Book
  210. MySQL returning only partial data
  211. MySQL connection trouble...
  212. help...how to export data from postgre to xampp
  213. MySQL/PHP Selection and Ordering Results
  214. User database structure
  215. Query Results Printing Error
  216. Help accident drop database
  217. mysql error 1217
  218. sport statistics in a database
  219. MDB file
  220. Cash Register SQL database
  221. Getting Started
  222. MySQL/PHP help in Dreamweaver CS3
  223. adding table
  224. Query MySQL where field has a value
  225. A Transfer of an sql database
  226. sql database update in vb.net
  227. Editting and replacing selected data in MySQL
  228. how do I execute .sql files?
  229. Selecting Multiple Tables
  230. Getting what I need out of a query...
  231. looking for some event help
  232. subtract a num from table
  233. Dreamweaver CS3 connecting to Mysql with PHP
  234. sql with php
  235. Creating RecordSet in Dreamweaver (PHP & MySQL)
  236. Adding or importing 1 table into another
  237. MySQL import Errors
  238. free sql host
  239. move_uploaded_file() issue with image
  240. mysql to mS SQL syntax
  241. MySQL vs. Individual content pages!
  242. Error 127
  243. mySQL error, wrong syntax?
  244. how to do create,insert, select, delete temp table for this condition
  245. ERROR syntax to use near
  246. help with like query
  247. Make a searchquery with results of chained selects?
  248. Configuring Xampp and Dreamweaver 8 on Vista
  249. Connection problem with Dreamweaver
  250. MySQL music database question