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  1. database clean/reset
  2. varchar max size
  3. Form that Create account for visitors (PHP Mysql Database)
  4. MS SQL 2005 x64 Trial Download?
  5. Order data starting with set primary key
  6. Trying to set up MySQL
  7. how do I appeand something to the entire column?
  8. Building a simple mysql search and return in dreamweaver cs3
  9. Best type for date with MySQL auto-fill?
  10. storing multiple spreadsheets in a database
  11. New To Mysql
  12. Free sql hosts
  13. WAMP server - Problem
  14. Getting Radio Buttons to access Mysql Database
  15. MySQL Grouping
  16. MYSQL Navigation bar in php
  17. Help in migrating MS SQL Server Stored Procedure to MySQL
  18. password in mysql
  19. Store procedure MS SQL,auto generate email after X days+ASP
  20. SQL Query Problem - Add Data from two tables to get individual record total
  21. Learning to make a login
  22. Any way to make MYSQL do NOT remove nulls at the end of number?
  23. --all-databases backup
  24. nearest number
  25. Need Help with Custom SQL Statments
  26. Country and city names
  27. Show data using ID
  28. Creating a webpage to query a ms access database backend
  29. how to count and insert into database by month
  30. 2 Indexes or 1?
  31. PHP / MySQL Keywords
  32. Problems getting UPDATE statement to work for import script
  33. MySQL LIKE, small problem with returned html data
  34. Really easy question.
  35. Another quick question.
  36. mysql pass not working
  37. Second to First Row instead of first...
  38. get data from only one database
  39. PHP/MySQL "Best Practices"
  40. sort by most recent of 2 fields (both of which are dates)
  41. Best practice normalization database?
  42. WAMP Password Change?
  43. Need help with Upcoming Event query
  44. Update Set query?!
  45. Stored Procedure in MS SQL. Trying to use variable name in Select statement
  46. SQL Help
  47. Movie database design
  48. colunm shows same price(column) in phpmyadmin rather than the data table (csv)importe
  49. DB driven JS slideshow problem
  50. Query contains mismatched quotes
  51. dreamweaver error connecting to mysql
  52. I need help to solve this error (must declare scalar variable "@UserId")
  53. Odd sql problem - Please help!
  54. can anyone help me on retrieving images using both the sqlserver and c#
  55. what does this error mean? (Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ''.)
  56. pls help me on MySQL query......
  57. textbox help
  58. search for multiple table
  59. updating database using cron
  60. There must be a simpler way MySQL query
  61. mySQL Date
  62. Update database
  63. Hints / Help needed for SQL assignment question
  64. need help on unidentified error with dream weaver and php connection
  65. Help with big database?
  66. In PHPMyAdmin how I CONNECT(Relate) PKs & FKs ?
  67. need for country data
  68. query two tables
  69. Inventory DB and Paypal IPN
  70. unique items
  71. From an html form in https:// url save the credit card data in a mysql database table
  72. SQL Command for UNIX Date conversion?
  73. Creating a table from the results of a query?
  74. Introducing Safety to PHP/MySQL
  75. country+State+City
  76. Can anyone help me with MS Access Data base
  77. I must do all tables of my db and after insert/define relationships of PKs & FKs ??
  78. FTP client login
  79. Looking for beginer help creating a table
  80. textbook about security db / js:mouse-trapping
  81. simple SQL validation
  82. Help with php-nuke forum
  83. data type text
  84. Recurring Payment Paypal
  85. socket error
  86. New to SQL
  87. Inserting Multiple Products into db
  88. Connecting to MS Access via Dreamweaver PHP
  89. store procedure help SQL 2000???
  90. deleting posts
  91. how can i do file upload control to upload any image
  92. Remote retrieval & upload module for (BLOB)
  93. I want to send a newletter through a form submission
  94. Changing Dates to Integer Values
  95. Query datetime datatype with date only
  96. currently setting up the NewsLetters function,but validation of @ always fail
  97. Trying to run the program
  98. Does Null or Not Null Make any Difference?
  99. dynamic text field/mysql
  100. MySQL
  101. newsletter subscribe form - always invalid - regexp
  102. mod_rewrite effects on querying database
  103. Access and Modify a databases content...
  104. SQL problems
  105. MySQL Colum error?
  106. mySQL help please
  107. Running mySQL query
  108. Best practices way to express simple queries?
  109. Insert mysql data into include
  110. Need help with MySQL query...
  111. Print as menu (Mysql)
  112. Gmt time
  113. Showing mysql in table
  114. Only show items upto 3days old
  115. categories and id (2 tables)
  116. order by number of rows in anther table?
  117. look out for the size
  118. How should I set up my database???
  119. mySQL - if...else condition help....
  120. How to optimize PHP & MySql to speed up your blog site?
  121. Repeating Region Control
  122. Multiple Value Entry
  123. Playing with date
  124. database design for private area
  125. Sigh...
  126. There are two mysql errors in my code
  127. Please help a total newbie!!
  128. image uploading
  129. Using Dreamweaver to connect to SQL server..
  130. record (unknown num) checked checkboxes values in php/mysql, how ?
  131. How do I create a MySQL Database?
  132. Could an Email Riddler work through a mysql db?
  133. DateTime - insert manual date
  134. Joomla CMS
  135. Mysql fetch problems...
  136. MySQL Problems -> Solving (Always Updating)
  137. Creating a database(a file xxx.mdb) in MS-ACCESS---then it runs itself(self run) ?
  138. How to search data from A until C ?
  139. sql injection definition
  140. How to insert <text> into a text field
  141. SQL null (?)
  142. Communicating with PayPal to update database
  143. Having Problem Inserting into database
  144. Multiple categories in blog post
  145. connecting to mysql database
  146. Resolved Insert Problem using php...
  147. Insert record problem
  148. Resolved trying to get only one row
  149. MySQL Query for Inserting New User Into Database
  150. JOIN help
  151. Problem with Mysql query
  152. xampp mysql date datatype problem
  153. Search Issues
  154. Resolved NULL Error When Adding to Database
  155. Resolved ENUM Datatype error
  156. joindate Latin_1 Swedish_ci
  157. POST variables in mysql query
  158. mysql views and many queries(select) do the same job ?
  159. does limit 3,1 load the entire table into memory?
  160. mysql
  161. Database Design For Organizing User Submitted Files
  162. COUNT(column_name) MySQL Query Question
  163. Need Help with php member registration page!!
  164. When in code below I have statusc='active' appears error ?
  165. Resolved mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  166. FK'd column naming best practice
  167. Create a lookup to point to a DB where I specify a query
  168. Not able to Add Text to Database
  169. Create NEW user table ...
  170. Login page not accessing correct data for following page
  171. PhPNuke, Forum Module isn't active?
  172. how set result of prepare stmt (MYSQL)
  173. add points to forum??
  174. import cvs file to mysql
  175. fanupdate database problems
  176. StyleSheet Switcher - HELP!!!
  177. reset video "views" count in database
  178. Resolved why is this case sensitive?
  179. PHP with Mvc Design pattern using OOP
  180. Search 6 different tables
  181. multiple chain select box
  182. Connect to database over a network
  183. Forum Help. (Runs of MySQL)
  184. I want to sort the table "sql:select results query" to appear in sequence of the arra
  185. mySQL LIKE
  186. Limits of GROUP BY??
  187. Show Last Date A Referral Was Active
  188. connect to mysql
  189. how to try mysql examples?
  190. sql, php with css
  191. SQL Dynamic Menu in DW CS3
  192. Gggrrrrr left join
  193. Resolved msaccess to mysql db conversion s/w
  194. Mysql Query Problems
  195. Resolved table normalization
  196. mySQL Calculations
  197. starting somewhere
  198. I want to copy a mysql view in php my admin ...?
  199. Disappearing import
  200. how to display MySQL timestamp?
  201. help needed with a query
  202. Merging fields in a query??
  203. I need HELP! - I'm new at this!
  204. MySQL php WHERE?
  205. problem in MYSQL database design....
  206. Concatenate Dates
  207. Give error SQL syntax. Where is the problem ?
  208. mySQL Order / Group by
  209. Insert and delete - is this possible?
  210. how I do this
  211. problem with this code
  212. information regarding tables n database.....
  213. New to Database - Help
  214. Using more then one AND after WHERE
  215. MySQL Time Difference BUG
  216. MSQL limit to 4 automatically Info
  217. Storing Checkbox Data
  218. I want to see how is it constructed[by what query], a Mysql View
  219. Sql & php
  220. select some part of data frm db?
  221. Data Type for Zip Code ?
  222. well how from a CUSTOMERS I transfer to CANCELEDCUSTOMERS a record and then delete r
  223. select between date and time
  224. How in MySQL I get auto-increment field value of last record ?
  225. mysql connect
  226. Help with Normalisation
  227. New page new include "blah.php"
  228. ACCESS DB I may extract data to csv or sql file, for importing to MySQL/PHPMyAdmin ?
  229. session in a link or database?
  230. Restricting on table data entry...
  231. Converting mysql time stamp into php
  232. Search words in database
  233. Mysql large file import
  234. select statement question???
  235. Resolved Why does this character affect a query?
  236. Record each click
  237. page loading EXTREMELY slow
  238. Resolved Query database for total records from all tables
  239. Resolved Primary key value after deleting a row
  240. Putting a While Loop in a MySQL_query() ???
  241. Don't really know where to start, need some guidence.
  242. Multiple Queries - Resource id # 7, 8
  243. Help with database design?
  244. Increment a Value Stored in the DB
  245. Mysql error--> how fix? I think is about data integrity ?
  246. In a webpage that I have many queries, I must have one of
  247. Resolved Calling value into input box
  248. Populate form form MySQL data
  249. In PHP/MySQL 5 loops, to appear qeuries results, well can I nest queries ? [b]What so
  250. Delete checked rows from Database on Click of button