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  5. Can someone decode this script for me?
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  9. secure a PHP feedback form
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  11. Resolved Opening Divs
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  14. uploading php files to server using ftp (is it secured)
  15. TimThumb PHP Image Resizer and Cache Question
  16. Saving Dates in mysql
  17. form not sending any data
  18. Preventing execution of php files embed on image
  19. How do you strip quotes out of POST data?
  20. Removing unnecessary dots in a URL with preg_replace
  21. uploading web file outside doc-root not working
  22. PHP Program
  23. PHP File Info
  24. Random increment of a number contained in a text file
  25. mysql deprecated to pdo query issues
  26. how to securely upload an image using finfo
  27. php PDO codes runs on windows but does not run on linux
  28. help in php
  29. Isset not working in chrome
  30. How can I specify the length of the string more precisely?
  31. how to fetch the background in dynamic html pages
  32. Adding values in single variable
  33. Resolved LDAP Authentication
  34. Help needed with an add-on
  35. Resolved echo php inside javascript
  36. Resolved Update Data
  37. How to add alt tags to logo and slider images
  38. Web Form Generating 2 E-Mails
  39. menu in php templates...
  40. Resolved Uploading Image Problem
  41. PHP Photo Album and iPhone
  42. Resolved help with a php script
  43. Filter image by dimension
  44. form upgrade to Php 5.4
  45. pagination working in mysl_deprecated but not working on PDO
  46. Resolved php is returning nothing when validating single quote ( ' ) using preg_match
  47. Problem with search code
  48. Converting PHP codes into highly optimized c++ codes
  49. PHP form not submitting email, but redirecting to sender.php URL
  50. Contact/Email Form - $_GET Variant Required
  51. please help Folder scan. it Can't scan all my files in the folder of my download site
  52. Reliable PHP shared server web hosting sites
  53. After php file adding remove my footer and pattern !!!
  54. Retrieval or Processing which is faster
  55. Creating a webhost like freewebs
  56. Access file from any directory.
  57. Open source applications in PHP for time tracking
  58. Stored Sessions Data Not Found
  59. Array input to function, a new approach
  60. Php contact form help
  61. PHP image uploader help...
  62. Need help writing a few PhP plugins (Commenting/Search Tags/Profile Page)
  63. Dynamic Form Content, Array, MySQL
  64. Network payment gateway API
  65. Google Calendar v3 API setup
  66. help with my php login script
  67. Resolved Getting rid of backslashes
  68. Strange error re user_id when adding entries to database
  69. using LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE and updateing each userid field of each line
  70. What is a good way to make one table 'interact' with another?
  71. $_POST[] comma seperated string, exlode and explode again before insert into DB
  72. php web help for school projects
  73. Help on guides to build medical site using php
  74. Remove lines from a csv if the preg_match email exists in db..
  75. php find row that contains a word in a string (email)..
  76. Where do I start if I want to parse JSON data from services like Facebook?
  77. add dynamic selection list in db
  78. Resolved Problem with specials characters and php
  79. disabling mysql_connect error message
  80. using CURL to send sms
  81. Image (File) Manager issue. Logging out with iframe in Opencart
  82. how to create a pop-up in php forum
  83. Resolved help with file size with php
  84. Resolved PHP Form script error
  85. Resolved PHP version change, using anonymous functions
  86. Overlay text onto image
  87. Undifined var with $echo
  88. Make a Radio Button Selected by PHP Session
  89. Resolved switch statement with no page found option
  90. Please help me to create this function
  91. use of jquery mobile in buildin a mobile site
  92. PHP Contact Form
  93. PHP Error
  94. AutoIndex php
  95. Resolved FirePHP Implementation
  96. Resolved PHP coding for online form problem
  97. PHP form doesnt send not required fields to my mail when filled in
  98. contact form contents is not delivering to my email
  99. Resolved Redirect after form submit
  100. Resolved Wrong Sort
  101. display div with radio buttons
  102. download using php
  103. Resolved Help with array
  104. Help with code to create an array from contents of folder
  105. Help Combining PHP and Jquery
  106. php mysql timing
  107. mysql query using PDO not working
  108. mysql timestamp in php
  109. auto submit form on page refresh
  110. Resolved Background refreshing a controller from another page PHP(codeigniter)+Ajax
  111. send mails in php
  112. Unable to find issue with small php snippet
  113. Sorting Clothing Sizes
  114. Resolved Echo and calculate data from db
  115. Re-Open and Edit .txt File with PHP
  116. help w/pagebreak
  117. display mysql database rowcount using php,ajax and json
  118. seperating client side from sever side
  119. mysqli dropdown
  120. Self Processing Forms...an the modify header error
  121. help with drop down option data filtering
  122. Resolved help with php pdo mysql
  123. Resolved select row from database, use the fields in a html form for user to update
  124. Resolved Getting blank page after program runs
  125. php pagebreaks
  126. Is it possible to reduce a file's quality with timthumb.php?
  127. moving data from one table to another
  128. Show this or that based on a timestamp / expiration.
  129. Implementing a dynamic form with PHP,MySQL and AJAX
  130. php contact engine
  131. mod_rewrite issue
  132. Resolved Get email addresses from mysql database and make an array to send an email
  133. Resolved Checkboxes in functions.php on wordpress
  134. how can i solve following thing
  135. Resolved Shuffle and re-write file names in a website directory
  136. 2nd Dropdown is not saving data.
  137. Removing PHP-generated backslashes
  138. DateInterval Problem
  139. Need some help with a php select form to show correct result
  140. php: change their profile settings
  141. How to connect database!
  142. google map marker issues via Json and PHP
  143. Help with preg_replace
  144. php form problem What is the code to add this extra security to the form?
  145. I NEED HELP MY LOGIN.PHP redirects to blank page logon.php
  146. Need to remove trailing .00 from a price
  147. Resolved Need to show the same array twice
  148. Help with DIE and EXIT please!?
  149. Need some help with a php restrict IP range
  150. database feeds
  151. Resolved need help cleaning up fetchall from mysql database
  152. Edit online: problem with Apple / Safari
  153. Resolved using textarea for a message in an email
  154. htaccess 404
  155. need help on auto reply message for contact form
  156. Resolved header redirects
  157. Resolved Getting file directories
  158. php signup form with image upload
  159. image upload change
  160. Problem with PHP form in site designed in Adobe Muse
  161. Trying to get rid of an error message
  162. Random character output with php in safari on iphone5
  163. inserting html link in php code
  164. First Thumbnail Duplicating on Slideshow - WordPress / PHP
  165. how to add javascript in php page?
  166. Resolved Form doesn't show completed fields in email
  167. Text and watermark Image Integration in php
  168. Returning SMS values using PHP Curl
  169. Biased Percentages Based On Array
  170. trouble validating number fields
  171. login using mysql deprecated in php
  172. mail form not responding
  173. Resolved htmlentities behaving differently after php 5.4 upgrade
  174. display empty count result
  175. Resolved To Code a Line Break
  176. Check if link has been clicked and do php on a called div
  177. Resolved How to set, define and change a sites stylesheet via PHP and use the defined value?
  178. Resolved PHP chat
  179. Resolved Creeping Spaces
  180. Resolved Variables past the decimal
  181. How to fetch the column name?
  182. Array to Provide One Random MP3 to Audio Tag
  183. How To Assign a Variable to HREF
  184. Display a photo at a specific time
  185. I have problem with my execution file.
  186. resize image in php
  187. Somebody please help
  188. populate php form with mysql after selecting drop down
  189. form mailer problem
  190. PHP Copy Command Works with one glitch
  191. Creating submit form with php
  192. php code to generate system information
  193. running setcookie()
  194. PHP learning, how long?
  195. Notice: Undefined variable:
  196. Autosave script
  197. PHP project
  198. Shortening a URL with preg_replace
  199. Problem with window alert
  200. I couldn't decode this file. Ioncube //0046b Decode Request
  201. Help in PHP Code
  202. how does php sleep function works
  203. how can find page php sorce?
  204. { Help ] Mobile Friendly Version not working .
  205. Warning: Missing argument 6 for HTML::headers()
  206. How to create 64 bit client id
  207. php form mysql issue
  208. php edit profile page issue
  209. Array Inserts null Values in Database
  210. PHP ...preserving line breaks carriage returns in header downloads
  211. Add auto email reply to this form
  212. Index.php File within Wordpress Theme - Need to add links to the blog titles
  213. user name, password & Login looks like a pop-up box
  214. troubleshooting php code for updating mysql database
  215. radio button link
  216. Resolved Debugging Question -- Parse Error
  217. How to remove php elements on screen resolution?
  218. Use jQuery to show errors while submitting registration form.
  219. Display blogs in mulitple columns.
  220. trouble populating form with mysql data
  221. how to appears after a period of time
  222. Formatting HTML code using PHP
  223. Index Being Recalculated
  224. Having issue with SELECT * FROM
  225. Check if cookie is set?
  226. Post Form data to Update MySQL get 500 Server Error
  227. having problems creating columns in PHP and CSS
  228. Show page after PayPal payment
  229. paypal api php return url help
  230. Help to make PHP Content Switcher work
  231. php sms api mysql issue
  232. Question about "if(isset"
  233. Parse XML file
  234. Problems from web host server upgrade
  235. Problem with stars in preg_replace conversion
  236. Redirect link PhP
  237. No generated image nomore
  238. paginate search results
  239. Insert multiple selections checkbox form one row php mysql
  240. search form to return results between dates
  241. paginate this data
  242. Resolved PDO with classes
  243. sort mysql column using php
  244. PHP XML DOMDocument
  246. save form data to db and send via email
  247. Need help with PHP and Mysql coding.
  248. I need help about SMTP mail form
  249. I can increase the PHP limit my server to 3GB?
  250. Fatal error: Call to a member function querry() on a non-object