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  1. Resolved PHP - Else / IF to Switch
  2. help me with my script
  3. Concise Validation
  4. Using PHP move_uploaded_file function permission denied
  5. Next/Prev Image link loop
  6. Splitting a sting into individual chars
  7. Paasing Multiple Array Checkbox Values To Mysql
  8. Please help todisplay video so that user cannot download the same
  9. Resolved php image upload and resize
  10. Convet Data to Php file
  11. Daily views counter
  12. UTF-8 error
  13. Delete image from folder
  14. Ip tracking (location)
  15. In search of
  16. Simple form to update mysql
  17. Splitting strings
  18. How best to set up owner logins
  19. Elusive syntax error
  20. & number
  21. Server Page Secrecy
  22. MySQLi and the PHP5.4 breaking changes.
  23. please help me to remove arabic copyright
  24. Syntax error using php page
  25. Inserting results from a PHP file into an HTML page
  26. ImageCreateFromPNG
  27. Contact form: how to make it works?
  28. Div not working in PHP
  29. Showing ads only to 20% percent of visitors. Or different ads to another 80% visitors
  30. Displaying LI in php
  31. My First All PHP Script
  32. trouble creating a photo gallery
  33. Vbulletin posting
  34. Filter for Random/Possibly Malicious Submissions
  35. max-width property and PHP
  36. Need help with MySQL / PHP Pagination
  37. setcookie before content????
  38. Extracting Depending While Loop From Mysql
  39. GD Image - Line Break?
  40. How to search some words in the whole site file ?
  41. Notice: Undefined variable: _post in mit textarea
  42. Form Validation on Popup Without Reloading...
  43. Count value with parent -id
  44. Extract Values From PHP Array
  45. php session logging even typing text in tinymce editor?
  46. Removing duplicate entries in while loop
  47. testing equality for the last digit in a string
  48. php error?
  49. PHP/MySQL updating/deleting file with multiple image links.
  50. Enum arrays
  51. how do I use this php redirect on my pages?
  52. Help with array_splice()
  53. Resolved Mysqli prepared stmt - using object multiple times?
  54. Web-based collaborative editor
  55. Those 3 PHP questions
  56. Again an fatal error
  57. Issue with CURL
  58. How do i hash , and what is safe to filter out of the hash
  59. Getting 'acces denied'
  60. include pages & size vs. load
  61. How to check whether the input is file
  62. dynamic select list display details on same page
  63. Random Proxy in PHP
  64. Resolved Prepared statement bind_param() count
  65. reCapatcha help
  66. Help a beginner
  67. php dynamic page hyperlinks nightmare
  68. Trivia for my php site
  69. Online recruitment system using php
  70. PHP Notice: Undefined index: & PHP Notice: Undefined variable:
  71. Preview resume!! Help me
  72. Incorrect date value
  73. Striving for Elegance
  74. replacing split() with explode()
  75. Double-check a contact form
  76. Modify Text files
  77. Interact With Facebook & Twitter
  78. Resolved Problem with a form not sending to email. Please help.
  79. populate_select()
  80. Resolved Need to replace everything #/W#
  81. Adding More Options to the PHP/JScript
  82. Getting Span Contents
  83. PHP Turtorials: User login HELP!
  84. about image
  85. PHP user_id_from_username function HELP
  86. php socket send receive like curl
  87. link in mysql
  88. Resolved mysql_* is being deprecated?!
  89. PHP Referrer
  90. Resolved Can't Locate Syntax Error
  91. Php Transpiler (per to x)
  92. robots.txt
  93. Resolved echo not working
  94. Resolved Parse error: syntax error unexpected 'echo'
  95. Resolved CSS breaks after splitting .php files
  96. Resolved Writing XML file Issue with DOM Object
  97. Get values from another php page through Jquery
  98. search keywords in all pages in my website
  99. Problem to store data in mysql through PHP with javascript and ajax
  100. Resolved IE does not send form ??
  101. help with converting string ..
  102. creating sql form
  103. deleting and orginizing xml data with php
  104. Browser Rich Text Editor
  105. Flatfile Login
  106. PHP Retrieve data from DB Table
  107. Is this a good anti flood script??
  108. sqlsrv_fetch_array() Error
  109. Multi Buttons Submit Error
  110. Playing images in a folder with different pages?
  111. Bypassing the Echo
  112. Checked / unchecked error messages
  113. Menu items display the hover state before they're hovered
  114. Php form auto respond
  115. Questin about regular expression
  116. Adding PHP code into wordpress widgets
  117. Problems with PHP/XML
  118. PHP Header Question with PayPal
  119. Local User Time
  120. hide content on page after form submit
  121. How to restore broken lines in links in my PHP editor?
  122. if statement not working properly
  123. Need Suggestion On How To Get Automated Notification Simillar To Facebook
  124. <?php and variations thereof
  125. How to edit text file without using a helping file using PHP
  126. Problem creating graphs in PHP with phpMysql
  127. Resolved Will doing this function returns the ip address of user or the server ?
  128. How Do You Make Keys From An Array() Global?
  129. Advertisement Plugin for Yourls Shorten Url Script?
  130. looking for php code to protect footer
  131. how get number of item posted
  132. How to prepend a hyphen to uppercase characters in a string
  133. Amendment Needed in Code
  134. About Htaccess Redirect
  135. This code is giving me some trouble
  136. Cookie Weirdness
  137. How to edit Image using PHP
  138. Unwanted code in auto response of form.
  139. Resolved How do you retrieve a hashed password?
  140. Data Scrapping Problem
  141. CakePHP
  142. Send Mail Using SMTP
  143. Help with PDO query
  144. Getting a certain image from a feed
  145. update json value in mysql_row
  146. how can i post data from this form into xampp database..please help me..
  147. storing array values
  149. DATE Formatting
  150. convert Results into Associative array
  151. using While to create rows
  152. Want to change a url
  153. Display RAR Filename?
  154. Resolved shouldn't these hashes be different?
  155. Calculate The Median using Function with an Array
  156. Resolved trim() www. taking another w
  157. My wordpress theme hijacked?
  158. crop images to display thumbnails the same size
  159. Select a text from selectbox
  160. Saving date in mysql db
  161. Is It Possible to have my cart page to float over an other page?
  162. Slider is very slow to load?
  163. help using FOR then adding to data-base
  164. simple gallery how to aline central
  165. Convert String to array
  166. E-mail Form Layout and Boxes
  167. discount voucher how to set up using php
  168. insert, edit, update and delete image with pdp mysql
  169. Age calculator using php
  170. Need some direction with this script
  171. Tried adding a password to MySQL Console, now it won't let me login.
  172. Best PHP Framework
  173. I need to echo $qs within an echo, but what I have isn't working....
  174. How can I echo $random in this instance?
  175. How Do I Make A Front Page Layout with photo and text between each other?
  176. PHP & HTML Structure
  177. Help with pagination and Table sorting
  178. Resolved Session variables not set
  179. Things consider to reduce server untlization in php
  180. Recursion limitations in PHP?
  181. Echoing more than one page with this script.
  182. where in where
  183. submit div content to html2pdf page
  184. $_server
  185. Tracing fatal error in php
  186. read remote tag in remote content
  187. I think I have an odd issue
  188. PHP Find Symbol and Replace It With The Word It Goes With
  189. Convrt WordFile into HTML Code.
  190. Modifying a search script to display full entry..??
  191. Forgot Password script problem
  192. CURL Not Saving Sessions
  193. Having problem with resend form
  194. Resolved Simplepie Error handling
  195. Get Year Duration
  196. Change File Permission Using PHP Code
  197. Very Weird
  198. Link to a specific page within an Iframe
  199. Collapse an Array
  200. first attempt at a join function is only returning one row result..
  201. Accessing a variable in a function from the main script
  202. Mixing a word in another word
  203. Header ("Refresh: ") and IE bug
  204. Getting Longitude and Latitude
  205. When should error suppression be used?
  206. Putting ... at the end of a title (substr question)
  207. Php contactform handler with issues
  208. Directory hyperlinks
  209. Removing extra <tr><td><table> and </tr></td></table> with preg_replace
  210. how to use cookies to prevent entering a webpage without login
  211. OR Failure
  212. Sending HTML email
  213. Resolved constructing SHASign for a return page for a payment centre
  214. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  215. Resolved help with securing and retaining original styling
  216. discount code script problems needs a loop ??
  217. Reducing image size (KB) with PHP
  218. looking for alternatives to HTTP_REFERRER
  219. Detect the language of a string
  220. PHP help using dates/times
  221. Making an array with a php variable
  222. Insertion is not happening while using PDO codes along with plain php script
  223. UTF8 on my contact form
  224. How do I use data from two tables in email form?
  225. load data from mysql and write html ?
  226. .htaccess rewrite problem
  227. Pagination Problem
  228. Resolved PHP simplified code.
  229. Need help on displaying data inside table using loop
  230. formatting php email form
  231. PHP coding to get info from form to file
  232. How do we make html file with PHP?[ Question ]
  233. HTML to PHP
  234. Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, object given in C:\xampp\
  235. Php/xml
  236. php function trouble
  237. Need Reverse Date Function
  238. Verify variable in an array
  239. Updating deprecated code for MySQL 5.5.+
  240. Contact form error messages on same page
  241. Help simplify repeated code
  242. how display a value (prisonerid) from database into a form table?
  243. get jquery if else result
  244. Resolved looking to simplify a bit of pcre
  245. help with multi select transfer code
  246. Need php5 upgrade help again, please..
  247. Contact form processor not getting value
  248. jquery-1.6.3.min.js (port 80) error
  249. Htaccess Problem
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