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  1. PHP Script
  2. torrent file parsing
  3. Resolved Birthday calculating script
  4. BBS page & Mysql database on local computer
  5. Got description on what I need to do to help me but I don't know how to do it
  6. Email Auto-Confirmation
  7. Calculation is going through only row and not all rows
  8. Finding location with PHP in e-mail
  9. What do you call this
  10. Play video
  11. Dynamic php page - option selected
  12. how do i insert a javascript in the body of a web page made in php
  13. Identifying machine uniquely by PHP
  14. Form submitting
  15. Further assistance on PHP login script required
  16. echo nothing?
  17. Time Event Sort Of Thing
  18. Get price from DB echo different price
  19. PHP Pagination
  20. Checking in mysql database the data before compute the deduction
  21. Get Mysql data in to text field on mail form
  22. Resolved variables to class
  23. Php script help
  24. Update query did not work
  25. Cron job not working
  26. Get values from two db tables at same time
  27. Passing a value from one form to the next
  28. Resolved converting string to an octal number
  29. Small tweak required
  30. Resolved title dynamic - half way there
  31. Resolved OOP method
  32. PHP send emails according to date and time in database
  33. event calendar
  34. I found this script for keno
  35. PHP file handling
  36. Opening variable link in iframe on seperate page
  37. Problem in importing files from xml files to mysql
  38. Resolved Facebook like dynamic?
  39. Resolved how do you hash a word
  40. iframe problem
  41. How to $_GET this ?
  42. writing to file including linefeed
  43. WARNING: Cannot modify header information
  44. chmod and hacking prevention
  45. Resolved Help please it does not work..
  46. Salary update
  47. Request Code
  48. Resolved Got dynamic titles now for keywords/decriptions
  49. Linux -> Windows Conversion to enable PopCard
  50. Resolved several regex from post
  51. PHP links
  52. making a handy image uploader for family
  53. Emails not arriving as required
  54. background music problem
  55. Core PHP is fast or any framework is fast
  56. socket programming
  57. Getting Tutorial to Run
  58. PHP Page Access & Edit
  59. question about url
  60. Resolved php cron
  61. Parse error: syntax error
  62. Help with Session Handling needed
  63. Fatal error: Function name must be a string
  64. Resolved create file outside home directory
  65. push array into array in a different file
  66. php code within value
  67. ImageMagick - image rotate - no work
  68. Get Google Query string..
  69. Sending auto message after email subscription
  70. Resolved .htaccess redirect
  71. ping mysql query result
  72. Selecting a list using php
  73. Website Language Translation
  74. SQL Error: 2014:
  75. Resolved url masking
  76. $_SESSION login w/ database SSID entry
  77. php form email notification and csv actions
  78. Beginner here, little help
  79. md5() with javascript
  80. Resolved HTML DOM: retrieve only direct children cells within table.
  81. Resolved SQL error VERY BASIC problem
  82. login with users stored in db
  83. Login Srcpt help
  84. Web Design and Programming Question Regarding SQL PHP ASP?
  85. PHP Timer Image
  86. How to protect other files in Login folder etc
  87. most efficient comment box logic
  88. Language selection in a good looking pop-up window
  89. help with FORMS and FUNCTIONS
  90. Resolved ImageMagick syntax question
  91. DoB problem
  92. convert unix timestamp to date php
  93. new()
  94. Email from DB query
  95. displaying all images in a dir
  96. register script problem
  97. connection code of php with oracle database
  98. syntax error BUT WHY!?!?
  99. checklist to remove from db
  100. foreach() inside while()
  101. Additional Input fields and POST
  102. Conditional for UL LI
  103. How to Get the Cookie values.
  104. Images for PHP Flickr Gallery Not Showing up in WAMP
  105. Help my PHP go to page after mail
  106. how to post data inside html element
  107. session_start() Permission denied
  108. Link to file
  109. Syntax Error
  110. PHP suddenly not working
  111. Identify URL Source from link in PHP Form
  112. Php form field issue with date/time picker.
  113. Resolved Fatal error: Function name must be a string
  114. form submit problem
  115. php form submission
  116. how can i make a product list i.e. customer can see all products from list and select
  117. Display an image at a exact time of day.
  118. Resolved multidimensional array from loop
  119. Replace text with variables in php
  120. Add names from DB to a droplist
  121. Bold and font color tags not working in PHP.
  122. PHP script to send confirmation email
  123. Security Risk or Other Threat?
  124. Input Type = Multiple Radio redirect
  125. Resolved I need help modifying a script
  126. fetching data in db on combobox
  127. while loop works on local server but not on the production server
  128. Resolved Echo username using SESSION from login page to redirected page?
  129. Resolved mysql_query expects parameter 2 to be resource
  130. Dynamically count the remain of items max 5 per line
  131. How can I retrieve the unique identifier(primary key) of a mysql table?
  132. upload script page refresh
  133. Resolved form security
  134. Encrypt PHP Code
  135. Resolved utf8 read from file
  136. Need help on php message board script
  137. Resolved preg_replace
  138. Need some help... Stuck
  139. Include Menu folders
  140. Restoring a session via MySQL & serialize()
  141. Resolved session in iFrame loses session data
  142. simple regex question
  143. help to find a script please
  144. pop3 email retrieving and rendering in html
  145. php isset simplify
  146. Resolved extract GPS data
  147. PHP include not working properly in IE
  148. Need some more help please
  149. Need help - Populating a web template using mysql
  150. place different containers in an html page using php
  151. How to parse RSS feeds
  152. Resolved string manipulation from mysql_fetch_row
  153. How to Limit RSS feeds?
  154. How to write a PHP coding to list out all files and directories as links to them?
  155. calling uploaded images into the image viewer is blowing my mind,pls help me out
  156. Resolved PHP in_array() issue.
  157. problem with while() loop doubling up DB
  158. Problem with Shipping Cost
  159. How to count time from when user load a page/form until they submit it?
  160. Resolved Dynamically link to css file
  161. Resolved submit form
  162. explode
  163. Multiple Image Uploader
  164. Set Cron on remote server without its cpanel details.
  165. Bypassing Random User Script
  166. Please can someone help me implement this script into another script?
  167. How to show image larger when i put cursor in image in php?
  168. Contact Us Form php issue
  169. Googel Calendar RSS
  170. help with date and time stored as int
  171. Resolved Regular Expression and Trailing Slashes
  172. Resolved piping emails to script
  173. (Site Updated) How can i implement video content onto my website?
  174. Help with file using PHP and MYSQL
  175. Resolved help with the cookie
  176. Problem related to While Loop
  177. PHP Mail()
  178. .htaccess rewrite to remove hashes
  179. Authenticating cURL Requests
  180. Best tutorials for setting up an admin template?
  181. Zip directory ready for download
  182. Php time 2 hours different
  183. number generator
  184. Single Sing On
  185. replace a string and put the replace string on a variable
  186. PHP problem on Server
  187. Headers going into message instead of being headers
  188. TimThumb not working on my WP site
  189. Something like BBCODE
  190. Adding PHP to change data in Date Input Calendar
  191. String Comparison Difficulties
  192. Display info from two tables.
  193. PHP Search script help
  194. Creating dynamic and static titles
  195. PHP Array Link Help
  196. Resolved frequency in array
  197. Traingle of asterisks
  198. Arrays--Some Basic Questions
  199. Looping And User Aborting
  200. Resolved url encode %A0 vs. %20
  201. Why getelementsbyclassname not working IE
  202. PHP/JS on same page?
  203. String Interpolation
  204. Debugging Techniques
  205. ECHOing: Losing contents of
  206. Total number of Facebook group members
  207. Resolved get the index from mysql_fetch_array
  208. Flash template help contact form and font issues
  209. php 5.2.17 vs php 5.3.13?
  210. Resolved add to existing array
  211. Question about getting session vars
  212. question about file uploader script
  213. How to use next() and prev() on an array
  214. Game Trading Application
  215. [Database store in array] Help make the order change, from the front to be the end
  216. Image keyboard shortcut replacement thingymies
  217. How to add facebook share link button for each article in a web page
  218. Required fields in php email form
  219. How to get date_format() to work properly
  220. Subtraction operator not working!!
  221. Resolved echo vs print
  222. phpMyEdit Login Failed?
  223. File Sorting (Like A Highscore Board)
  224. Check strings from text field
  225. data from excel into PHP pages
  226. Get data from Database instead xml
  227. Resolved Turn a function into a class
  228. [PHP] Help with cookie
  229. Resolved echoing strings and variables
  230. Odd-Even Determination
  231. Php email validation
  232. Please Help me... !!
  233. Resolved Php cookie, header, Cannot display page error
  234. Understanding Undefined variable:
  235. Resolved Php/Javascript redirect
  236. am new here i need help plz
  237. update multiple feilds
  238. Image, video upload in server
  239. the captcha is not working here
  240. PHP Contact Form - Recipient List + Attachments?
  241. JYMSG API automatically sign off after some time.
  242. Select All checkbox
  243. Website Structure and Naming Conventions
  244. Object not shown in IE 8 but in FF
  245. zencart URL Problem
  246. Resolved Cron finds a syntax error
  247. Send Email in HTML Format
  248. Oops! Page not found
  249. Change default download location
  250. AJAX and AHAH with the Joomla! Gantry Framework.