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  1. Concept of Holding a reservation.
  2. Newie: How do I turn a HTML page into PHP
  3. Resolved echo method + static method
  4. image manipulation php mysql blob type
  5. Contact form not working?
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  7. Another Wordpress question (single.php)
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  9. PHP Serializing
  10. PHP/Mysql foreign key fill
  11. 18+ years register control
  12. Resolved zendframework dB interaction
  13. Resolved security question
  14. Resolved shorthand if/else
  15. Pole Trouble
  16. Trying to find a good tutorial - inserting {tags}
  17. Open a new webpage
  18. Resolved where should functions be placed?
  19. php mail() not workin
  20. Grab image from other site
  21. Send sms in PHP
  22. Uses of PHP?
  23. converting video extensions to flv extension
  24. Resolved POST array empty, but GET array has data
  25. Resolved associative arrays
  26. PHP script to name URL
  27. help i broke my page :/  problem
  28. Simple embed generator
  29. Force values to two decimal places
  30. php login/registration
  31. _blank link open with a top frame
  32. Div Slider
  33. Need help flash player iframe background transparent
  34. Tool Tip dissapears in the after refresh
  35. Cannot display PDF Files in IE8 with SSL Certificate
  36. Resolved regex php 5.3 error
  37. how to sort the content posts ?
  38. Resolved path
  39. On click display
  40. Php redirect
  41. How to get image to appear on change - right of screen
  42. Resolved ! symbol in a if statement
  43. HOW TO: PHP INCLUDE on INTRO PAGE (for CSS image preloads)
  44. Resolved php parsing/reading large text files
  45. PHP image gallery problems - please help
  46. ip adress
  47. two databases
  48. Stopping php cookie editing
  49. Resolved Array help
  50. Why is this While loop not working?
  51. merge rows within the same table
  52. check date and send auto email ?
  53. contact form in a single page website
  54. PHP Digital Downloads
  55. Image Magnify v1.11 help to install
  56. php cookies
  57. Resolved session logout from inactivity
  58. code for downloading file
  59. Tracking user activity
  60. matching url
  61. What's Allowed for an Array Key?
  62. Resolved OOP subclass conditions
  63. Getting contact form to work!!!
  64. Php validation
  65. php returning blank screen & I cant find error
  66. PHP question
  67. Yesterday is FINE, but today always UNDEFINED INDEX, HELP
  68. Populate a form using a database.
  69. php variables within javascript
  70. php contact form error
  71. Wordpress featured slider php script help
  72. PHP array
  73. PHP career
  74. php beginner
  75. Strange behaviour of batch called by exec()
  76. Resolved array jSon
  77. cake php action not working
  78. Retrieving XML data from Dynamic XML file
  79. Php login/registration error
  80. Resolved Put new data in front of existing data
  81. Need Reviews
  82. Comments box
  83. PHP PM System Without SQL Database
  84. Selecting radio buttons of other site from click of text link on my homepage
  85. Replace type="image" over type="submit"
  86. SEO question
  87. I need help with this Please look!
  88. Resolved PHP Change Table BG Color
  89. RSS Feed Display - Word Limit
  90. Dynamic Page Content
  91. Generate Dynamic Webpage for Shop Items
  92. Having problem reading xml from url by php load
  93. PHP and dropdown menu
  94. Sticky Footer Problem (PHP related?)
  95. Display Directory Contents Without Extentions Included
  96. Php contact form sent to e-mail
  97. Resolved if something equals something or something else do this
  98. Date problem
  99. PHP script modification to make it a list instead of
  100. Fieldset and PHP Problem
  101. Cookies sometime work, sometimes don't
  102. Simple php that receives url and displays those urls on the same page
  103. Need help for API
  104. simple php error
  105. Captcha Installation
  106. PHP editing MySQL tables.
  107. Login Boolean error
  108. php error sql if
  109. php for no image, if image is not present
  110. Resolved Have You Forgotten Us?
  111. Write XML doc from HTTP.POST
  112. Complete script even when user is not online
  113. Problem With Date() and If Function
  114. List Of Contents In PHP
  115. PHP Variables
  116. php contact form with no thank you
  117. PHP Contact Form Does Not Capture Email and Name
  118. inserting and deleting in php
  119. error in inserting record
  120. Resolved Another error
  121. username and password verification
  122. sql injections
  123. deleting records in php
  124. Php help manual fetch?
  125. Resolved XML namespaces reading problem in PHP
  126. USORT on timestamps
  127. Account Details Recovery
  128. Messaging system, displaying the messages
  129. Http authentication with PHP
  130. not able to see the changes runtime
  131. Resolved PHP Form response
  132. How to get data from table database? i forget
  133. PHP email form for dummies???
  134. Pagenation script?
  135. how to remove this string using regex
  136. Easy Media Script Errors
  137. PHP Not Loading TXT File That Has A Single Digit Number
  138. Auto complete search box with result div
  139. Resolved My menu dose not seem to load.
  140. Random Image with filenames
  141. How to send batch email in php?
  142. How to generate something like 'this' from this array? i'm really confusing :'(
  143. Php order by date decending
  144. Help with login register script ( again )
  145. as posted elseware
  146. re-order update mysql
  147. If Else Input checked?
  148. problem with Dreamweaver template and php
  149. PHP TIME() and birthday
  150. Image Generation
  151. Resolved Can someone help me with this email form script
  152. How to make this query
  153. can I have two php scripts on one page<
  154. php
  155. PHP Error to be resolved
  156. Using two functions on one echo?
  157. .wysiwygPro_preview.php
  158. Is this done in AJAX or php?
  159. Intro/Splash Page (body onload auto-redirect code at bottom of page?)
  160. HTML form to retrieve and update mysql DB
  161. Resolved header refresh
  162. Live chat script
  163. how add php code to xml file
  164. If Function eregi() is deprecated
  165. Temparature conversion with php
  166. PHP Date
  167. Integrate Games in my site
  168. redirecting the form after download
  169. Cross Browser Performance
  170. Search option for extracting content in word document
  171. Resolved file_put_contents line breaks \n
  172. start command alternative in exec ()
  173. Multiple Submision Form
  174. if statement doing one thing at a time
  175. Deleting old data from mySQL
  176. custom PHP back end
  177. obtaining id3 tags from icy stream
  178. Resolved line breaks from textarea json_encode
  179. Resolved file upload check
  180. Can some one explain why this does not work?
  181. featuredcontentglider not recognizing content location
  182. Resolved array_splice vs array_unshift
  183. Login - Loading settings efficiently $_SESSION
  184. Random Image Rotation - Multiple Images
  185. login using time
  186. How can I see the error message when page is loaded?
  187. parse error in php
  188. Sql table for users online help
  189. Resolved headers already sent error
  190. assigning a session to user
  191. includes file stops links working - help
  192. Need a PHP Script for collecting and displaying Links.
  193. Php error Sql select
  194. regarding php session
  195. Simple Classified Ad Script
  196. Grouping $_Session outputs
  197. Stumped with simple recursive function
  198. A problem with php cookies
  199. Resolved error with login script
  200. Resolved How to get Filename
  201. Tools to do load testing
  202. Upload Restrictions For txt File Not working
  203. Resolved unexpected $END error...
  204. I have a nice but big feedback form And I am getting an error:
  205. Saving to mySQL and XML in PHP
  206. A little help with brainstorming please?
  207. show some code based on the day of the month.
  208. custom CMS??
  209. movie search option
  210. Problem Loading TXT Files
  211. Resolved Not a valid result resource; what?
  212. Mysql code help.
  213. Resolved server performance mysql vs file_put_contents
  214. Resolved "if (empty())" Not working!
  215. Previous/next page links using PHP
  216. need explanation for random display user
  217. Resolved Please help corect my php code
  218. Php mysql Order by Rand() last 30 days
  219. Newbie Question - connecting to MySQL with PHP
  220. Undefined variable:
  221. another newbie question - protecting my login
  222. Sum the Time Attendance
  223. The best PHP code generator, Give your opinion
  224. Php storing and updating birthdays
  225. Is a website built in sections in PHP?
  226. Conflict in Time Format from uploading data .xml to mysql database
  227. Resolved php random file include, can't find file
  228. Change format of date from YYYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY
  229. ajax post problem
  230. Problem in uploading .xml file
  231. retrieve and post data to another table with php
  232. Closing Facebox
  233. get text from any location, no selectors
  234. Help With Ordering File Data From Highest To Lowest Without Array
  235. Resolved mkdir urlencode
  236. Help understanding a script
  237. DATETIME Format in 12 Hours
  238. Computing attendance hours
  239. Format DateTime
  240. Change Display Time Format
  241. Ajax and Google Map
  242. Resolved array_push / sort
  243. help with php form please ?
  244. Trouble with comment section
  245. Convert URL Function Regex to Email
  246. Change syntax from mysqli to mysql
  247. How can I set parts of this array to variables?
  248. redirecting url without .php ending
  249. PHP Index html link to populate other page
  250. Popup to Present Applicatiion