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  1. Fetching data from mysql
  2. Htpasswd and cookies help.
  3. Resolved PHP Photo Album script v2.0
  4. Problem with script thats supposed to export to CSV
  5. Resolved Server Setting or Typo?
  6. I need PHP code for my Contact Form
  7. creae gif images
  8. Search Functionality
  9. Resolved sql query number vs string
  10. How to paginate .txt files
  11. form redirect in PHP
  12. Using php Function
  13. How to change the email's "From" field?
  14. file/folder permission in php
  15. multi-language site + slideshow
  16. Twitter's robots.txt question:
  17. PHP and Javascript
  18. Extracting Data From MySQL using php
  19. Echo last updated file
  20. Resolved Adding A Variable in a PHP Redirect
  21. Resolved Auto Creating A File in Directory
  22. Resolved Validating users
  23. how to remove attribute on an element?
  24. Price grabber script
  25. Give me script for Multiple Image uploading on single page
  26. Confused in using if condition
  27. Dynamic fields not showing
  28. Adding more languages for PHP Localization for CMS
  29. Resolved passing variables through a form
  30. PHP Directory Listing
  31. Username available
  32. download script required
  33. Separate window and show link
  34. Need a script
  35. How to add Editor?
  36. Resolved Display div tag when data is available
  37. where can I download .gdf fonts?
  38. How call StoreProcedure with input and output parameter in php code?
  39. sending form data to another page
  40. Retrieving data from database and displaying in textbox when the button click
  41. Warning: mysql_result() [function.mysql-result]: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL res
  42. hide some code by php.
  43. Problem in Another way of retrieving data
  44. Grouping data
  45. Newbie how to style php
  46. echo line breaks within <script>
  47. session lost problem
  48. Email Form Help Needed
  49. Scan files before uploading
  50. Group results by field data ...
  51. Echo txt files with delimiter
  52. Select From Statement
  53. How to tell if an email is read
  54. Order by date
  55. inserting special characters into database
  56. How to push array like this?
  57. Problem with dialog box in IE
  58. Link to display uploaded image(s)
  59. PHP include randomly not working
  60. Firefox Mozilla Relative Path
  61. Script for clicking An Alphabet to show in another window with audio embeded
  62. PHP creating an XML file
  63. How to use Blending Image Slide Show Script with PHP/MySQL for img src
  64. include relative
  65. php variables from common include are not available in js.php file unless duplicated
  66. My Web Address
  67. Please help me,
  68. zip format is not downloading
  69. Search Engine Function
  70. Help with a script to deline members of a certain age
  71. implode and casting as array
  72. php ereg checking password and retype password
  73. Resolved pretty URL
  74. back to previous page code atached to a jpg button i made
  75. PHP email formatting issues
  76. Restricting registration to specific email extensions
  77. Why does my site sometimes look like this??
  78. Retrieving checkboxes values from mysql
  79. limit xml result
  80. How to merge this array's value?
  81. Creating a Registration form
  82. form submitting to 2 actions depending on radio button select
  83. Modify this PHP script to style portion differently?
  84. PHP URL Code
  85. Strip/replace url part?
  86. a:1:{s:8:"uploaded";s:37:"128210178941769_1260783455_1263_q.jpg";}
  87. Question about if condition
  88. I get this error-Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in /ho
  89. how to refresh a page in javascript at each second
  90. how to refresh a page in javascript at each second
  91. How to create a user registration page and copy files once registered?
  92. PHP Regex to find text in quotes with a line break
  93. Resolved converting one color in a png image to another
  94. opendir() help
  95. Wonder.
  96. Uploading multiple images in database with same value from one field in form
  97. Contact.php problems
  98. Help me out guys with this PHP Project
  99. PHP form issue
  100. Upload file for the next few weeks
  101. how to set time for popup window
  102. Session problem
  103. Write text over (existing) image
  104. Listing file in a directory problem
  105. Where would I start to code a php site that I want to create?
  106. add e-commerce to cart
  107. PHP form Help.
  108. trouble with simple pie -error
  109. Proper php usage for .= <<<END... END;
  110. not getting zip code corresponding to given ip address
  111. how to bring the video in background of popup on iphone
  112. Problem in Duplication of data and onenter key
  113. need help with an if else statement
  114. ping with php
  115. Present inserted fields in text/html file
  116. Need Help With Form Coding-Data not submitting
  117. Upload issue
  118. Error Reporting
  119. Receiving text from mysql as symbols?
  120. Does the number of php elements on a page affect performance?
  121. bad experience with cookies
  122. How to create a multi-user gallery?
  123. PHP Session isset, help please
  124. Captcha form deleting values when captcha is entered wrong
  125. When exactly does getimagesize return false?
  126. submit form data to same page
  127. PHP Upload - Not Working, No Error.
  128. each radio button redirect to a specific page when click on submit
  129. How to exclude a file from being in the listed dir files ?
  130. Each send button with its own error 'label'/...array?
  131. MYSQL Query Shortened
  132. Special Date calculation ...
  133. Problem in function of enter key
  134. making first cookie
  135. Creating a dir in a folder via php
  136. Uploading a file to 2 directories
  137. Dynamic CSS file
  138. beginner error: forms not appearing
  139. Adding Line breaks to a textarea box
  140. Best way to play a sound chime?
  141. Form issues
  142. Login Script to redirect to Original page
  143. Login System using PHP Ajax
  144. Problem add new entry in to mysql table with php.
  145. PHP + NN + PR + AI + ......... need help
  146. Lightbox with databank
  147. Big help?
  148. insert data in mysql tabel with PHP
  149. Retrieving test from mysql as "�"
  150. Problem with ERP system barcode generation
  151. How to check the frequency of an array in a txt?
  152. Multiple WHERE with dates ...
  153. Calling a SWF file in a table using PHP
  154. I am unable to figure this out
  155. XSS Vulnerbility fix
  156. Please help me
  157. If condition for moving to another page
  158. ECHO does not work in php
  159. how to loop this echo
  160. PHP form to txt
  161. Recursive Queries/Functions
  162. Resolved (solved) delete dir and content
  163. Registering
  164. Form data!
  165. php showing � instead of
  166. rearrange tables outputs xml file CMS
  167. Web form data processing... Help please...
  168. PHP script needed
  169. Email scripting
  170. How to redirect a form T(to a Home Page)after submit
  171. Printing a Job Docket
  172. E-Commerce website with joomla
  173. PHP From Error
  174. How to get all the input fields in tab content control
  175. Facebook integration with PHP
  176. MD5 hash string
  177. Form variable not passing to dynamicaly loaded page, please help
  178. PHP form not sending confimation email
  179. php header based on username password in IE not working
  180. Resolved Random image generator only generates 2 pixels
  181. getting xml data using php querystring
  182. php string language
  183. Date/Time Loop ...
  184. need help (online intelligent tutoring system)
  185. Resolved Image brightness normalizer fails to populate grayscale levels array
  186. Offline Pages
  187. working with php images
  188. index.html page
  189. mysql/php loop on date ...
  190. Need a dynamic image gallery
  191. Delete from Uploader / Download Script PHP
  192. Determine the Video Duration
  193. How to index.php edit
  194. Multiple Update Issue
  195. Remove Commas from Numbers and Leave Commas between Words
  196. .htaccess Password Generator
  197. filetime() problems
  198. Text URL to hyperlink (ignore existing <img> and <a> tags)
  199. HTML Stops after I execute a PHP while loop
  200. Want a quick help for htaccess issues.
  201. SimpleXML Array Fucntions
  202. PHP Form Isn't Inserting into Database
  203. Resolved php
  204. PHP inside text area |
  205. Date Format From YYYY-MM-DD To DD-MM-YYYY
  206. Code for Paging like Page 1 of 5
  207. Recommendations for RSS Feed
  208. Not sure what title to use sorry...
  209. Resolved return
  210. Resolved page specific php.ini
  211. imagejpeg() question
  212. Save Button
  213. php frame problem
  214. php sorting of data in database using hyperlink
  215. Question about displaying and changing data
  216. show latest record of specific category
  217. Encryption of password in database
  218. question if I can rewind feof function for every loop
  219. Session for login
  220. Htpasswd Generator tool & it's effectiveness
  221. problem in htmlentities() and mysql_real_escape_string()
  222. Resolved Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object
  223. Resolved public / private static method
  224. Resolved compare exact word/number from array to per line in file
  225. session sharing between pages
  226. Export HTML TABLE to EXCEL
  227. warning in mysql_real_escape_string
  228. Login if condition problem
  229. PHP GD Transparent Image issue
  230. Problem in a href location from php code to html code
  231. How to insert JS into this particular PHP web?
  232. htmlentities( ENT_QUOTES)
  233. echo <a href>
  234. curl append or combine datas from different url
  235. Cms
  236. Added table field not populating
  237. Help! - PHP inside JS to create dynamic content
  238. add code for today date in my php class/function
  239. Mail Subject cause SPAM
  240. PHP Array into table
  241. Advance Search Input Box
  242. Resolved categoy.php wordpress
  243. how to take input & display output in a common input text box
  244. Avatar System/Mod
  245. PHP/MySQL problem
  246. Create .xml file in php
  247. url rewriting problem.
  248. Meaning of web services in simple words.
  249. Concept of Holding a reservation.
  250. Newie: How do I turn a HTML page into PHP