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  1. How to use a Next & Previous button in an array
  2. action=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]\">
  3. Resolved How can i add HTML functionality to this PHP contact Script?
  4. dynamic thumbnail pointer
  5. Displaying different pages while staying on index..
  6. Help me Validate this
  7. Guestbook
  8. Problem with simple query
  9. mail with multiple emails
  10. x,y map help
  11. PHP request information
  12. Random username and password from CSV file
  13. Flat-file comment posting with XML
  14. php auto response help!
  15. reformat date brought bad results
  16. is it possible to add 'sticky tooltip' within php?
  17. Calendar
  18. Restriction in Posting Events
  19. How could I add SMTP Authentication into my email script
  20. Dynamic Image Countdown..
  21. code adds my url to url for link?
  22. attaching a file for mail
  23. Calendar Code
  24. Scripting dilemma
  25. Mail Script No Sender
  26. While Loop - New Row Every 5
  27. Help needed about recaptcha in php
  28. Adding Auto Reply
  29. Dumb Question
  30. Client login script
  31. PHP Pop Up Box
  32. php hide and unhide form
  33. only one user can add events in calendar
  34. Delete the Records from XML using php
  35. Flicker Fetch User Images
  36. Form Action when included into another page.
  37. using LOAD DATA INFILE
  38. Mafia Game Php
  39. beginning php programmer ( Wamp , eclipse )
  40. checkbox value
  41. How to throttle a simple emailer script to limit messages sent per hour
  42. Login problem
  43. SAS script
  44. adding phone number field to existing contact form.
  45. Array and foreach
  46. Redirection after completing file download...
  47. Echo three pictures in a row
  48. Resolved Custom Tags within the files HTML
  49. Resolved Captcha, Mail2Form PHP problems
  50. Remove All Lines Less Than 3 Words Longs
  51. Resolved multiple random image sets in an array?
  52. iframe question
  53. Flckr API
  54. Video Resizing
  55. PHP Auto Reply
  56. Resolved strtotime() problem
  57. include
  58. AJAX to PHP, Request to Server came from server?
  59. dynamic drive php photo album replication
  60. Help to get button to direct properly
  61. RSS feed to show on page without having to click on link
  62. Resolved Passing an array into arguments
  63. How to save search criteria for use beyond a form action
  64. call to undefined function mssql_connect()
  65. Problem in PHP Calendar Event
  66. URL modification link
  67. pull variable from href
  68. Need a script for my Joomla site to display a different HTML file each hour
  69. how to use .flv player in my site using php
  70. script for adding thumbshots to my directory
  71. two values in a row
  72. best PHP server program?
  73. PHP URL MySQL Issue
  74. how to figure the difference in time
  75. In Search of US Military Vet/PHP programer
  76. header() creating problem
  77. Using netbeans 6.91 and Zend_gdata_youtube class
  78. Please explain the functionality of given code
  79. Creating a Play list
  80. Timeouts
  81. LDAP Connection
  82. COMponent in PHP
  83. Implementing Jquery zoom within php
  84. HTML entities help desperately needed
  85. PHP mailer with CAPTCHA
  86. Php form a field will only submit when a certain number is entered
  87. PHP contact form mailer problem...
  88. rssbox changing time
  89. Iissue with mail form that sends attachements
  90. Profile page help.
  91. Resolved Regex extract sequence of a certain format from string
  92. ajax help
  93. little issue php script
  94. insertion sort
  95. mssql connect to php
  96. need PHP scripts for mobile downloding
  97. What is wrong with this?
  98. formatting user submitted documents
  99. Resolved Please help! For loop and Explode($array) issue
  100. Dynamic Header (Login)
  101. ..getting multiple external feeds
  102. Connection from php to sql server 2005 database using sqlsrv_connect()
  103. Feed products into Amazon.com
  104. php variables back and forth with xsl
  105. login panel
  106. Includes isn't working
  107. Contact form
  108. Does email text need to be escaped?
  109. mssql not loaded
  110. html tags in output
  111. Cannot Select DB using mssql
  112. online examination system
  113. Webmail client
  114. DirectoryIndex
  115. dhtmlwindow.open if else linking
  116. Are sessions necessary to provide program to users?
  117. How to increment the year automatically in a select box
  118. base_64 encoding an entire page
  119. I need a lot of help right here with creating a cart. I'm halfway there...I THINK
  120. Using data from MySQL
  121. Getting radio buttons and check boxes to print to email
  122. Need Help Intergrating Uploader Into Forum Software
  123. Can't get 3 text fields to work
  124. Change database from mysql 4 to mysql 5 affects my calendar event page
  125. help to fast edit CMS
  126. Include a Div into website
  127. Help to link counter's that have a loop
  128. Replace <p> tags
  129. Resolved Help with Encoded Data
  130. Oop
  131. XML writing failing
  132. delete from table sql
  133. sql query
  134. Copy files for backup
  135. Preg_match help
  136. PhP auto generate table
  137. Edit MySQL Column & Update (Part 2)
  138. Login : Redirect According to user level
  139. Flex Sub-menu items not fit in the browser window?
  140. I need a preg_match pattern
  141. How to create report generation using php codes
  142. best image hosting script ?
  143. Resolved If cookie is set, then display content of a different div
  144. Resolved Implementing "Image Thumbnail Viewer II" using php
  145. The exec() function is disabled in your PHP by the disabled_functions parameter in ph
  146. upload_max_filesize solutions
  147. muliple arrays to html table using php
  148. xml ordering with php
  149. Simple login help
  150. Resolved Email Validation
  151. retrive value
  152. Resolved Losing Value of Variable
  153. Not all data save to the database
  154. Resolved include a file inside a folder
  155. Resolved iteration in a loop
  156. Count up script?
  157. regex capital letter only of a string
  158. Popup Menu in PHP
  159. POST and redirects
  160. add code font size in the php echo
  161. add one more banner that goes on the meambers credits.
  162. Previous posts link reloads current page.
  163. Resolved php random image
  164. Login Remember Me not setting cookies
  165. Random Directory
  166. XML Response Help Needed :(
  167. update cart
  168. phpmyadmin not working
  169. PHP & Image Power Zoomer
  170. Creating member accts
  171. Need a very simple word filter
  172. Customize subject line in received emails
  173. Radio buttons at form doesn't shows in mail
  174. selecting country and list
  175. textbox Fileds
  176. Help with a preg_match
  177. Amend and Delete data from database
  178. php mail function in ubuntu
  179. Resolved variable to function back
  180. Add code for decimal places
  181. Warning: Division by zero
  182. Resolved numeric only
  183. PHP help (I'm not a programmer)
  184. Sockets help
  185. PHP form - is completely off its head
  186. upload_max_filesize 3mb hosts?
  187. Resolved href not the same as echo
  188. View the report in ascending order
  189. Fake Server Push PHP ( help Please )
  190. Problem viewing shift reports
  191. online video dictionary
  192. develop multi-language site
  193. Pulling data from xml using php
  194. open new port
  195. Configuration of Apache to work the php webpage on Intranet
  196. Print Simple User Input to Website
  197. Creating Web services with php
  198. How to create report generation using php codes
  199. PhP auto generate table
  200. Fetch xml armory data help. Tested for hours now.
  201. Assign Images to an Array
  202. bytes to image
  203. Use relative url for external links
  204. Need help with phpinfo()
  205. Website redirects for some reason
  206. Is it possible that IIS, Xampp that consist of mysql,apache and php in window server
  207. Updating links
  208. Help on SQL to HTML Table
  209. Print Visitor Browser Usage Statistics to Home Page
  210. php mail() sending mails to spam folder
  211. Resolved foreach question
  212. need help with a function
  213. PHP Function
  214. Change this to get this result
  215. write XML with PHP based on a particular schema
  216. DNS Settings for Internet and Intranet
  217. Auto number of table columns
  218. Odd symbol in popup menu
  219. php form submits to different urls depending on what checkbox is selected
  220. file_get_contents('php://input')
  221. Forum - Post Body: Default Vaule
  222. Mask external url
  223. How to combine three parts of code
  224. how to write mysql right for this...
  225. Simple PHP file needs help!
  226. how create pdf?
  227. Personalise - Thank you /confirmation page
  228. Calculate area of a rectangle?
  229. Problem in Subtraction
  230. php or ajax Video gallery
  231. Code for radio button
  232. web page player required
  233. Displaying multiple categories on menu select
  234. Setting file permissions
  235. [RESOLVE] Parse MySQL time format HH:MM:SS into each variable
  236. Count and rows code
  237. Sum of input will appear in a total input textfield
  238. mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource
  239. Category as default
  240. Images in RSS...
  241. pagination set up
  242. Display only images in News list...
  243. Error: Expected ;
  244. Table Style Grid Map really sloooow
  245. How to install dompdf on Xampp Windows...
  246. How to learn php?
  247. PHP alert help needed
  248. PREC Modifers
  249. Problem iin mysql statement and if condition
  250. Invalid eMail Address(check) with PHP Script Form