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  1. Resolved PHP-Don't include blank form fields when emailed
  2. php calendar
  3. PHP File Browser
  4. How do i change the displayed phone number based on refer url
  5. how to add mousescroll, to this.stop() funtion
  6. if statement echoing both 'if' and 'else'?
  7. How to get a drop-down to retain a selection
  8. Server / REGEX/ PHP Setting
  9. How to alter this script
  10. Url Routing Joomla type
  11. create XML with MySQL and PHP
  12. Multiple hidden forms, each directing to one or the other
  13. Clarification on putting a quote in a query string
  14. How to set up a mail server?
  15. Problem with Gmail
  16. Is it possible to submit a form without reloading the page?
  17. Php Form To change Mysql Query
  18. how to include classes and objects dynamically in php
  19. slideshow in php mysql image
  20. How to insert data into multiple table in mySQL
  21. How to call another site from my html form
  22. Resolved help with 'elseif' statement
  23. Enable Mousewheel in php?
  24. $_POST not empty
  25. facebook give default page source when i fetched it with php
  26. Deleting Item from xml
  27. ucwords, pregreplace, skip first
  28. Prime Numbers In Php
  29. php dilemma for rss feed
  30. blog is not coming through
  31. Need help in php reading xml
  32. Theories of a search algorithm
  33. how to send sms using php script ?
  34. unset problem
  35. explode() and escaped characters?
  36. Resolved proper naming using rename()
  37. refresh without resending data.
  38. Add values of fields
  39. How to implement a zipcode lookup field
  40. Controller class in MVC MVC
  41. Need Help with RSS Feeds
  42. PHP Mail Not Working
  43. Is it possible to do a search & repace on hard returns within a field?
  44. If this show image1, else show image2
  45. Begginner Help
  46. Help with <a href . . . </a>
  47. Show three pictures on each row
  48. How to convert Ms-Excel data in mysql database
  49. PHP/simplexml only writes one tag if no data
  50. SMS pay system via PHP
  51. Help - PHP for loading 2 pages
  52. calling C++ program from PHP on linux
  53. Stuck with PHP & MySQL update function
  54. Incorrect Function message
  55. PHP & checkboxes (should be easy)
  56. Adding columns in script
  57. Strange relative links
  58. PHP mysql - Help/Idea's
  59. write XML Dates with PHP
  60. Writing only last object in xml
  61. search script question
  62. Gosh, got a little stuck with $_GET['...'] function
  63. foreach() ??
  64. mysqli_real_escape_string()
  65. Text and Image Crawler from joomla PHP
  66. deleting multiple records
  67. Types of data to be stored in an array
  68. upload progress
  69. xml file into oscommerce
  70. Resolved form error checking
  71. csv to html table and styling
  72. PDF attachment to email.
  73. auto create new pages as thread grows
  74. using an HTML form
  75. User-Added Inputs
  76. formatting gets lost - php -> xml
  77. echo inside an echo?
  78. Gather all user's logged in $_SESSION['user_id']
  79. Arrays in and outside of Functions
  80. Chat script!!
  81. Not getting the variable value after isset
  82. Resolved second from the end of array
  83. Multiple MySQL Connections
  84. write out from form as 1.txt, 2.txt, 3.txt
  85. Limit MySQL Results
  86. Fast Edit (edit content on the web page) My first php script!
  87. textarea spell checker
  88. PHP form landing Page Help
  89. formatting dates
  90. block php file access from serverside only...
  91. integrate PayPal buttons into a form
  92. Recent date() entry
  93. HELP in retrieving values to ListBox from MySQL
  94. Search for a record in database using LIKE
  95. pagination and xml
  96. Php mail server
  97. Login script PHP
  98. PHP Automatic language system
  99. PHP Video Playlist?
  100. Plaincart Search Box/ Output Product Link
  101. Auto filling form fields based on session login
  102. Form Validation/ Regular Expressions Problem
  103. Delete Abandoned cart when user loggs out
  104. DD-FORMMAILER HELP! Won't work on my designed page...
  105. PHP MySQL - Top 50 Rows Between...
  106. Help with placing ads inside an image
  107. Resolved Notice: Undefined index: id on line 27
  108. unknown modifier "?" error in regular expression in php
  109. Login no longer works
  110. Help with FB connect
  111. PHP Function in Regular expression
  112. PHP array()
  113. php in dhtml causing error
  114. Retrieving radio button information in PHP
  115. Resolved Limited use of "global" variable
  116. include and css
  117. Url link problem
  118. Working with fetch_arrow and queries
  119. Working with PHP, JSON, and HTML
  120. install CURL for PHP 5 (Godaddy VPS)
  121. numerical notation oddity
  122. error caused from xml content
  123. Need help publishing site
  124. resizing picture
  125. I dont even know how to title it :)
  126. Change currency dynamically from a drop down menu for an ecommerce web page
  127. Resolved unset Refresh
  128. preg_replace results and non results
  129. Styling page doesn't seem to work, plz help
  130. PHP Mysql CMS books?
  131. Replace only A-Z/0-9 using ereg_replace();
  132. Can anyone help please???
  133. Arrays in and outside of Functions
  134. preg regex end parameter /Ui
  135. spaces
  136. i have a problem with a wordpress theme
  137. Changing Dynamically Words in Text
  138. What PHP script could do that?
  139. Am I right about PHP sessions?
  140. how i can restricts the reocords entry i atable?
  141. Resolved New: How do I paginate?
  142. [newbye]How To Populate the Fields of the records In A MySQL Table With uniqueid()?
  143. pop up window in index.php
  144. Cookie No Value
  145. Resolved How to hide entry when value is 0
  146. How to make a quick navigation ?
  147. transfer audio from one site to another
  148. geting value from chained selectbox
  149. Validate MySQL query before executing?
  150. need help with team scheduling
  151. Script that gets the Stock Exchage rate
  152. need to extract tar.gz online.
  153. echo css
  154. randomize selection
  155. Simple checking php script for Author Bio in WordPress...
  156. Help with dynamic drop down menu
  157. Resolved On submit database not updating...
  158. logo in php
  159. php file over-ride help please
  160. Change text dynamically when certain text is entered in form field?
  161. Edit multiple txt files from 1 php page
  162. database connection class
  163. text field read file need help with encode UTF-8
  164. How to display some content if database gives no results
  165. function return
  166. How to compare dates in an IF statement
  167. Recursive regex pattern replace
  168. PHP Global Object
  169. Accordian menu problem
  170. making a proxy
  171. How to: Prevent Duplicate Accounts by IP address?
  172. Cannot get data from SQL when column name includes a blank
  173. PHP Attachment Email
  174. can submit a form through e-mail
  175. Define vs $lang array vs gettext for language?
  176. Is getimagesize efficient??
  177. Wrong characets in MS SQL output
  178. Adjusting timezones
  179. Help to activate info in Iframe using MySQL data in listbox to
  180. php adjustment to send a confirmation email
  181. left click to save as
  182. MS Word content to page
  183. manage page with php
  184. problem in comparing values......
  185. Problems with loops inside loops
  186. Session Variables
  187. Multi URL Metatag Scraper
  188. Can php do the same or similar to this js?
  189. Can't deal with two forms
  190. Limiting the results in index page but display all in another page....
  191. problem with search engine in multiple columns
  192. Path Magic
  193. redirect working just outside iframe
  194. if statement not working
  195. Resolved not populating table??
  196. Search by Zip code with 50 miles of the zip code.
  197. Need Help creating a PHP mail form
  198. Array within Regex value
  199. Multiple Pinging With Time Limit
  200. PHP Include real newbee
  201. Listing Items from a column in database
  202. mssql SQL Injection
  203. echo double quotes for javascript
  204. alter long url
  205. register form problem
  206. Persistence of $_SESSION vars
  207. Can't seem to figure this out
  208. Resolved Alter mysql table/field via php
  209. how protect external javascript using PHP
  210. [CODE] Changing Color Help please.
  211. Resolved Retrieve mysql table names?
  212. Displaying an event closest to current date
  213. Send Basic E-mail with Attachment
  214. submit a attachment via form
  215. Page Titles
  216. Adding a confirmation email?
  217. Help With PHP XML
  218. Video2mp3.net Encryption Question
  219. Sharing Contact Form
  220. Import XML file into a MySQL database?
  221. updating with microsoft word and excel
  222. .htaccess dilema
  223. Looking for easily cusomizable CMS?
  224. integrating phpbb users to the rest of my site
  225. Resolved cant use ' in textarea?
  226. 403 smf ajax chat mod installed on smf forums
  227. RSS Pause Scroller - Only One Feed Displays
  228. search engine
  229. [PHP] Pretty URLs - $_GET After URL?
  230. I want to send a html table in php mail .
  231. Submitting Email form
  232. Resolved Fill HTML Form from Text File
  233. uploading pictures and time limits
  234. Chained dropdowns dynamically created PHP!!
  235. Problem with PHP include
  236. How to make the Alt Tag display for a linked image
  237. Creating an Invoice Form in the cloud
  238. PHP control CSS Settings
  239. need help in displaying spl fonts
  240. Show highest entry
  241. Resolved Getting URL Segment
  242. How display data in coloum?
  243. Append to an XML File
  244. Another RegEx
  245. Problem in login session
  246. Simple PHP E-mail Confirmation
  247. Resolved Fill HTML Form from Multiple Text Files
  248. Please help me with my confirmation email scripts (scripts included)
  249. [Beginner] PHP contact form trouble
  250. Help with mail code