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  1. Timeout renew
  2. drop down value from mysql problem
  3. PHP - Deleting variable and file together
  4. using hidden form fields..
  5. Error when insert session into table order
  6. MySQL retrieval
  7. Intranet Form
  8. php code to compare user input with field in mySQL database
  9. Resolved array_push syntax
  10. Getting back to HTML form from PHP script
  11. Mailing html with php
  12. PHP memory optimizations
  13. Resolved Mod_Rewrite help
  14. dev-php isint working... can help?
  15. My php form fields are not working properly ...
  16. Generating random image in IE
  17. Setting class variables
  18. Generate Keys on from a list when refreshed
  19. where to find mysql database samples
  20. why this symbol used?
  21. directory structure for saving images
  22. text editor for web
  23. Resolved Sendmail Validation
  24. While Loop Automatic Update
  25. Posted Time ago function
  26. Help with making my form send a confirmation email to user
  27. Resolved Variable Value + Variable
  28. date formatting
  29. Tooltip wont show Product Price
  30. Getting duplicate form elements after PHP mySQL query
  31. Are Hidden Variables $_POST variables?
  32. Another Reg Ex Q
  33. logic question
  34. PHP Functions
  35. Include css+php in other page
  36. Getting started with software design using MVC, OO, and Design patterns
  37. Resolved loading speed
  38. Regex Help
  39. How to php get file
  40. php error
  41. php server downloas.
  42. How to code Step by step Content Management
  43. Penny Auction Script not displaying Flash
  44. Download page help! (download.php)
  45. need help with mod_rewrite
  46. PHP Crawler Script?
  47. String Cropping
  48. Download page using php and auto-link creator
  49. Posting to Curl with post params from server
  50. html form to php email form
  51. Sending form through server.
  52. <? instead of <?php
  53. Insert some code in php form
  54. formatTextPar
  55. From Submission Help
  56. need help
  57. php functions
  58. PHP Category Dropdown for Zen Cart ecommerce
  59. issue attaching files to mail
  60. Insert $variable into?
  61. close pop-up window by clicking 'download' button
  62. Adding Custom Reply-To email address to a Mailer Form?
  63. Form error return
  64. Issue sending mail with both file and text
  65. OOP db connect
  66. Help! Newbie!
  67. Download zip file from site itself
  68. how can i check this
  69. extend Recent Login Code
  70. Get image instead of Text
  71. cakePHP Penny Auction Script Help
  72. can u check out this ones
  73. can i do this
  74. Resolved PCRE match hyphens between HTML tags, but not javascript or CSS
  75. Simple question with select boxes.
  76. calculating dates in PHP
  77. how can I schedule a php code
  78. HTML to PDF using Simple PHP code
  79. Delete Cookie
  80. Php with Zip file Problem
  81. PLEASE HELP! Drop down Sort by
  82. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ',' or ';'
  83. Saved from hackers variables in php script
  84. mail both files and text
  85. code for logout page using sessions
  86. change picture after given time
  87. Resolved Form-MySQL-Display table on site
  88. Resolved Change my register script to work correctly...
  89. How can I get the IP of different countries?
  90. include/exclude items from array depending on certain criteria
  91. Wordpress PHP, posts, categories, pages
  92. PHP based CALENDAR is needed
  93. Resolved display mysql entries on site?
  94. Resolved search through mysql for info
  95. mysql and url issue
  96. undo html
  97. Downoading problem
  98. PHP To CSV
  99. Simple Ajax PHP Countdown Timer
  100. Currency Display Issues
  101. Link tracker with PHP
  102. IP ban question
  103. Resolved How to add Reply and Quote buttons to comments
  104. Session Login Problems
  105. comparing fractions
  106. Images out of place
  107. Mail Form issues
  108. retrieve the data from sql to textbox
  109. Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context
  110. BBCode Parsing Error
  111. Resolved Problem parsing variable
  112. Small trouble with preg_replace
  113. Sorting nested array question
  114. Resolved Reading the URL and parsing it.
  115. store php and html in mysql
  116. Using PHP to pull in Facebook status
  117. Issues with phpMailer
  118. Sort - categorize problem
  119. question about preg_match
  120. MySQL getting info to index.php
  121. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  122. Database of a certain selection
  123. Regular expression errors
  124. PHP remove empty <ul></ul> & <li></li>?
  125. "You have an error in your SQL Syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your"
  126. Small trouble with regular expressions
  127. Not Sure if this does what I want
  128. fputcsv
  129. how to get URL parameter to show on result page
  130. Need help with If and End if array
  131. Placing classes in php
  132. Disjoint in PHP
  133. PHP/Text File - Most Commonly Occurring Words
  134. Help with drop downmenu!
  135. A random content generator onload
  136. Can Some One Help?
  137. RSS to HTML with PHP
  138. Resolved Online users-link to profile?
  139. Resolved htaccess question
  140. warning in include
  141. Php time validation
  142. Help with submit form
  143. Get.php? - Help downloading files...
  144. Resolved private messaging system
  145. Odd WAMP error/notice with $_GET[]
  146. Resolved include() cookies
  147. Script wanted?
  148. mobile browser detect
  149. Play video from mysql database
  150. Firefox Issue With Dagon Design Form Mailer
  151. Do we have any ORM(object-relational mapping )library in PHP.
  152. Displaying records/images from a mySQL DB
  153. Resolved PHP loop help
  154. Help with a virtual Candle script
  155. html tags
  156. Resolved escaping quotes before reinsertion into database
  157. PHP / MYSQL Epoch Date Between
  158. Resolved should I turn off magic_quotes_gpc?
  159. Resolved detecting query speed using php
  160. Countdown timer loop
  161. retrieve data from mysql and create dynamic link
  162. Need help coding a "Breaking News" image for placement on posts
  163. Simple photo upload script?
  164. Resolved Parse Error on Simple Time Script
  165. Resolved security question
  166. Resolved database security question
  167. Mailing to multiple addresses
  168. Forms coming through blank
  169. multiple upload and resize
  170. Coding issue please help ???
  171. may understand by anyway, that the $search_string1 is at the code but not viewed in b
  172. Resolved Link click counter?
  173. how can i display all the weeks
  174. Resolved convert timestamp to 12/24hr clock time?
  175. Multilingual in Zend Framework
  176. if i want to learn PHP, from where do i need to start?
  177. MySQL result set...but from which table?
  178. need syntax for $dir_handle = @opendir
  179. Where to start
  180. Resolved dropdown menu populated by mysql
  181. Resolved document_root documentation
  182. edit flatfile does this work
  183. form mail with headers problem
  184. Resolved Message Count?
  185. Resolved pop-up window link
  186. How To Bypass PHP Session To Avoid Security Question
  187. select data from comma separated file
  188. Resolved member list- make admin different colour from users
  189. iframe error...
  190. how to display the title of page in that pages specific URL/link?
  191. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 503 RCPT first (#5.5.1)
  192. Need script for the cascading dropdown in cake php
  193. Re-Direct PHP Write Address...
  194. Get iFrame URL and Write It??
  195. Resolved PHP detect uppercase and length of the word
  196. First time div in php need some advice how to start it.
  197. DateTime::diff
  198. Resolved how secure are cookies?
  199. PHP beginner question.
  200. Convert non-ASCII to HTML UNICODE entities
  201. Resolved Reply button?
  202. ajax data were in xml,how in php parse/process them like prior
  203. Collating all results
  204. Resolved putting variables in quotes
  205. avoiding cookies
  206. Resolved PHP Photo Album script v2.11 _ Missing FILES?
  207. view active users(show admin different colour from users)
  208. PHP equivalent for matching location.href?
  209. porting php rand() to perl
  210. PHP Photo Album - Problem -
  211. help with read visits.txt file
  212. Making search through text file?
  213. How to use a foreach with a while loop
  214. Detecting PHP/HTML/CSS/JAVA scripts and show them highlighted??
  215. Ajax don't send ENTER's to PHP script
  216. echo outputs in body but not inside head title
  217. Automatic Reverse Auction Style Pricing
  218. Need help with PHP declations ($var = ) stuff - RESOLVED
  219. PHP Refresh at specific time
  220. how to make users create fake folders to upload files on it ?
  221. View all documents and folders at a web address?
  222. Cookie help
  223. Resolved problem with friend system 'if' statement
  224. Randomizing Images Using PHP
  225. Trigger an email before submitting form to remote URL
  226. Using Switch with a GET Request
  227. How do Google spiders handle php included content files?
  228. Converting Auction Scripts from PHP
  229. Help with populating checkboxes ...
  230. simpleXML addChild with HTM tags
  231. Handling Multiple Checkbox Values
  232. PHP classes for a newbie like me... Help plss T_T
  233. Lightbox and PHP image code
  234. XML and POST from external server
  235. Resolved php not deleting from table?
  236. Resolved blank screen when no requests!
  237. simplexml_load_string() warning message
  238. how to implement text editor in basic php cms?
  239. pagination
  240. problem when Setting up the WAMP and XAMPP server
  241. html converter besides MS word?
  242. static key caesar cipher
  243. show date in php submitted email
  244. firefox: cant stop caching
  245. file_get_contents, geshi
  246. Hey everyone, I gotta Question :)
  247. Reading, adding, writing xml...unexpected result
  248. Pagination and insertion of new record problem
  249. Need help with isset function
  250. My style of template broken! Lost 3 column