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  1. Code All Of A Sudden Stopped Working
  2. print string stored in txt/htm file
  3. help, I've got a hard time of understanding this one....
  4. Help plss.....
  5. Email download like like siteground.com
  6. Making PHP insert code in the same page with the html code...
  7. Condense MySql Database
  8. I need to improve on this code that displays all files in a folder
  9. make internal link in php dreamweaver CS4
  10. Creating a Discussion Board
  11. Resolved Help with URL variable conditional statement
  12. Resolved URL-encoding control characters
  13. Pageination
  14. frameset
  15. Resolved Using wildcards in url's..
  16. file renamed on download
  17. Check partners Site for your Link ?
  18. Resolved Pattern Invalidated by Ending $ Anchor
  19. Save form data in a txt file with current date in file name
  20. Question How to make Flash works with PHP to create TXT file?
  21. XML Parsed as Empty
  22. PHP and XML
  23. code check please
  24. Resolved Adding items to database
  25. Accessing a subfolder from a main page
  26. Resolved PHP Form-to-Email won't post input into email
  27. regex - extract data from web page
  28. PHP Download to Database and Updates the Dat. Auto.
  29. Vertical Align using Printf
  30. How to populate php/html form with MySQL data
  31. Accending and Descending SQL order problem.
  32. Resolved Variables... Am I Doing Something Wrong?
  33. what CMS is dynamic drive's site using???
  34. copy two dirs to ftp
  35. Resolved why does my variable $savesrc lose its value
  36. Opt-in Email problem
  37. Resolved get value
  38. Resolved Making a "download.php" File
  39. PHP Error
  40. Web Security: Protecting against data injection
  41. looping in the table
  42. Dropdown box that pulls from MYSQL database
  43. Curl login to https
  44. Display value using a Foreign Key
  45. How to perform Accept and Reject User in Admin module
  46. Mail Function
  47. need help replacing Str replace url with another url address
  48. Anyone use gbcf-v3 script? help
  49. .htaccess and user passwords
  50. How to use php to send multiple emails at a time
  51. Problem in reuse of variable
  52. Form Submissions
  53. how we can take $_post variable in javascript code???
  54. Resolved Does newline (\n) only work with double quotes?
  55. Can you use a class method to include files?
  56. Integrating a login system in a websit
  57. highlight code in textarea
  58. Encoding Fonts Into Website
  59. I Need Help With PHP Email Code For Web Site
  60. Disable Links After Click, Display Something Else
  61. Database with Column "Approved"
  62. I want in my WebPage appear a statement like: currency rates
  63. Create New Table
  64. php FTP from one site to another.
  65. While Loop in Table
  66. Need help with dynamic form checkboxes
  67. Max()
  68. Swf movie wont load
  69. Help With Defining Null/Not Null
  70. getting last part of URL
  71. PM system Reply
  72. PHP Session ID
  73. Extensions In Urls
  74. Populating an external DB into an e-mail
  75. htmlspecialchars function
  76. XML Mysql Php
  77. Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object
  78. How do I spam proof my contact form?
  79. if....
  80. word export with footer and header images with PHP headers
  81. Insert whether or not a file is uploaded
  82. check variables against array
  83. fwrite not working
  84. DD Drop Menu missing in PHP
  85. HTTP_REFERER check help
  86. Help with RSS Feed
  87. I Need help so bad.. :(
  88. Display image for uploaded file extension
  89. Problem regarding Security Code Image
  90. PHP Help on image link
  91. Problem Populating form from mysql database
  92. session_start() error
  93. protect and license php script or code
  94. Useful time-based content code snippets
  95. Image Resizing
  96. Resolved Php select by list item
  97. server-side email link redirects
  98. (amature) php website index generate content
  99. FTP Directory Navigation
  100. Resolved Correct Syntax
  101. Need a litle direction on PhP
  102. Resolved Clicking on a button for limited times
  103. can you give me a basic shoutbox or comment tutorial? tnx
  104. Swap Header image based on page display
  105. Calender archive like Dynamic drive's forum Calender
  106. Checking list
  107. whats the ' for
  108. broadcasting videos on net
  109. resize picture with php
  110. Cutenews breaking website
  111. how to differentiate rows
  112. Searching text files
  113. Here's a WYSIWYG CMS with disk space allocation
  114. Updating Multiple Rows in a Database
  115. Session Timeout
  116. Pay Pal Donations List.
  117. Contact form
  118. file_get_contents() returns diff value on server and browser
  119. PLZ help - Wordpress plugin
  120. Making Rich Text Editor Work in Safari
  121. Joomla Style Maintenance Page
  122. 2 Problems. Special Chars & Loading Times
  123. Game thing..
  124. Resolved Current Page
  125. Login and join up page
  126. MIMEdecoder trim()
  127. PHP Successfully validate then pass variables across multiple pages
  128. Resolved lightbox
  129. Installing PHP
  130. session>> need help!
  131. In a PHP/CFM Hosting, may do a single App. consisting of pages from both languages ?
  132. Counter needed
  133. need help with keeping safe my files...
  134. php code libraries
  135. Share my content to others, is it RSS?
  136. Any help with guestbook?
  137. session problem
  138. Resolved Where I make mistake in this if function?
  139. Resolved form info sent to email using php
  140. x Minutes/Hours/Days Ago
  141. Resolved echo result from db
  142. Show hidden fields when logged in
  143. Resolved Can't Get Textarea to display default value
  144. creating first dynamic page
  145. Resolved sendmail form
  146. seding email thruogh php
  147. Resolved php random image
  148. Sending email confirmation
  149. Show search results on same page
  150. bbcode
  151. comment with attachment
  152. What is the best way to track hits?
  153. formatting a record to a number - newbie!
  154. Creating different links per page in Wordpress
  155. Submit Comment
  156. Need help with coding in an array
  157. having problems with Onclick
  158. Protection Function
  159. Resolved Clearing what one enters in a form text field
  160. Best Shopping Cart?
  161. Using forms to Query Multiple names
  162. downloading in pdf format
  163. Help with an auto responder form
  164. music and video player- PHP (?)
  165. Constrain Proportions
  166. Resolved PHP Security
  167. Pdf format
  168. Resolved [Help]please help me.
  169. problem with GET Function
  170. PHP - includes ( characters)
  171. Getting rates to Eurobank ?
  172. Delete file from server
  173. php dumb needs a help ...
  174. php on google sever
  175. Need help in PHP post forms to MySQL
  176. MySQL Comparison
  177. HTML Parser Confusion
  178. php pagination need help
  179. Help With Arrays
  180. i want to remove a code
  181. Help with Radio buttons
  182. looping in PHP n MySql
  183. compulsory fields when registering as a user
  184. Resolved & and && difference
  185. converting from html to php?
  186. Need Help with image Resize
  187. Validate int
  188. Need some quick PHP date/time help.
  189. Parsing XML with PHP
  190. Help Needed: Multi SELECT item & Arrays
  191. A little php help/suggestion
  192. Resolved IF statement contains....
  193. Resolved index w/o extension confusing query string with directory
  194. check box data not going to email! :(
  195. starting page
  196. finding absolute path to current script / without current script
  197. redirection problem
  198. Show values in different colours
  199. Image height not working in firefox
  200. Need help Delete certain values
  201. Help:mail contents arabic
  202. Resolved added yesterday only
  203. I have an existing JSP website
  204. Resolved Why mkdir() function not working
  205. prob in submit a form
  206. String Validation: RegEx maybe?
  207. copying image files from local server to remote server
  208. sms using php script
  209. php image
  210. How does copy() function work?
  211. SMS: Reply using form field to text message
  212. php error in thread
  213. How do I require a file once and if its loaded do not load it again
  214. randomize search result without affecting relevancy
  215. Help with...
  216. rss pausing scroller problem with CNN feed
  217. AjAx problem in IE????
  218. Cms
  219. Directory Display.
  220. PHP automation
  221. php edit image
  222. php gestures
  223. Hosting streaming video feeds
  224. Auto sugest box
  225. Highlight an search term
  226. Headers already sent
  227. getting selected value of a drop down from db
  228. help with if else
  229. automating content name
  230. PHP Script - Failed to Open Stream
  231. Insert Deleted record to a new table
  232. Saving on the server and recalling data
  233. mysql table creation...
  234. domain running looping programs
  235. Google Map from Microsoft Server Data?
  236. php and html
  237. Filter recordset
  238. Incorporate javascipt to work with my php & mysql
  239. php graphs
  240. php to pdf convertion
  241. Random data display
  242. Warning: Wrong parameter count for trigger_error()
  243. PHP Form inside Facebox
  244. get day duration from pair dates
  245. how to change date format ?
  246. php pear.....
  247. detect IE8?
  248. getting values from ajax
  249. Cache only image
  250. new window with a variable help