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  1. Web Application
  2. Combine rows together
  3. Resolved Noob Help
  4. Some Help Please ?
  5. How to use variables in arrays
  6. monitor of TableSpaces in PHP
  7. Is it possible to create a box or button to attach files?
  8. Resolved Need to Crop results.
  9. Mystery error on opening an html file
  10. Resolved Editing the "Thanks" message after submit.
  11. Resolved Help with rename() function
  12. How to Insert JQUERY in PHP ZENCART
  13. Newsletter online
  14. What PHP template system would you recommend?
  15. Login Script
  16. Help with simple text-based PHP hit counter
  17. How to export TXT file on server to clipboard?
  18. Resolved Call to PHP file Delays Page from Loading
  19. Sending HTML Emails through form.
  20. Regular expression question - any number of spaces
  21. Resolved Login Script that uses mysql
  22. Update mysql plz
  23. Editing MySQL records with PHP
  24. Need PHP Help.
  25. Controlling the filename display in the address window
  26. Resolved Sort Multi-dimensional Array Multiple Times
  27. Need help with login error message please!
  28. Resolved modifying a URL
  29. Resolved PHP & Java Hosting
  30. PHP Mail Forms not sending Hidden Div Information When visible
  31. How to use Session in PHP like ASP
  32. populating one drop down with another
  33. Form processing help - simple question
  34. Adding To Url Parameters
  35. how to add navigation on php forums
  36. $_POST and $HTTP_POST_VARS
  37. Fetch and match two tables
  38. hiding includes
  39. PHP Create Directory by date
  40. Notification form
  41. Need help in understanding a code
  42. Redirection
  43. Resolved Sessions
  44. Removing Duplicate Rows in an Array without array_unique()
  45. Change a floating point number to higher integer
  46. need help in videos in PHP
  47. PHP security
  48. mail script newsletter
  49. Reading the directory structure
  50. RegExp weirdness
  51. fwrite help
  52. Create string with random characters
  53. PHP problem. Header.php?!
  54. In a PHP "Affiliate Application" how I count total unique visitors came from a url eg
  55. Changing DOM code so it works with PHP5
  56. saving file using php
  57. PHP Forms in Firefox
  58. help to filtering something
  59. Making temporary pages for products
  60. Operator '?'
  61. Trouble navigating directory structure
  62. Version issues
  63. Resolved Using session variables
  64. PHP Help - Create a registration system with new member folder
  65. PHP Help - After mkdir, copy a file to new directory
  66. session_cache_expire( )
  67. Do I need to escape a string if it's being encoded?
  68. strtotime - Converting Dates
  69. Handling referrer
  70. HELP PLZ... Images on array showed in Multicolumn format with Radio Buttons
  71. Overwriting a txt file using php and ftp.
  72. php cookie error received - included file paswords.php
  73. is it good idea to insert passwords to php session vars ?
  74. Create an array from another array
  75. How do get around 0 being treated as a null value?
  76. A question on object oriented programming
  77. Most efficient way to use includes
  78. Resolved How to upload & display image on same page?
  79. My first php project - URL redirection site
  80. Help needed with pagination
  81. Mail Form
  82. php equivalent for SQL IN(...) clause
  83. How to enable display errors for a single php file
  84. Resolved PHP help needed PLZ!
  85. How to create thumbnails and stream when clicked?
  86. Header.php Iframe 100% problem
  87. Need Header.php & Index.php code!
  88. Multi-MailForm + Attachment Fix (Please Help)
  89. Resolved Moving records from one table to another
  90. Help with Displaying Data from database
  91. Resolved Problem with ImageGD,
  92. Problem with register_globals
  93. Resolved password redirect to page
  94. code writes to single file, want to write to selected file
  95. My Matchs
  96. Modules
  97. MD5 Can be Decrypted. Unbelievable!
  98. Disable going back?
  99. Joomla download counter on articles
  100. Resolved Open Link in frame
  101. Resolved Font Colour
  102. PHP Encryption Question
  103. How can I export a table created by PHP into an excel file?
  104. Mail form blues
  105. Can someone explain this RegEx?
  106. Sending A Text File to MySQL Database and View it as a web-page
  107. patterning matching issues
  108. PHP Encryption Tools
  109. Resolved Fatal Error?
  110. Want to edit a php file from my php site
  111. Function definition oddity, same script or included files.
  112. Protecting purchased digital products from being downloaded by cheapskates?
  113. login in php
  114. [localhost] Send Email
  115. Dynamic <title> tag using PHP echo
  116. Easy php help
  117. Form Lookup with Auto populate
  118. Resolved Input form to text file in a specific format-Is this possible?
  119. Replacing text with text
  120. Add 3 months to current date
  121. upload file in php..
  122. problem with function placement and getting var in substr
  123. Download Counter, a little problem ?
  124. get users name from id in another table
  125. How to replace PHP Include function with a javascript call
  126. Display the 2nd value of each array in a multidimensional array
  127. Dynamic linking
  128. Fanupdate problem
  129. Switching Between SSL and Non SSL
  130. .csv format
  131. PHP Callback function needed
  132. Mulitple Forms on same page
  133. What is the trick for multi-language websites (eg you surf in english and when you go
  134. Resolved Variable in the URL
  135. How to achive Photoshop's Cutout effect using php and imagemagick
  136. Resolved Check if value is in sub array without specifying which sub array.
  137. Required Form Field
  138. write php code using fwrite
  139. Need Help Template Monster's Contact Form
  140. why isn't the following working?
  141. What is the best way to resize an image?
  142. Resolved php include file not showing
  143. Random Key for users
  144. Empty Session Variable
  145. Resolved checking $error_msg against empty field, trying to check false
  146. lightbox/gallery miscounts photos in directory
  147. Resolved php form to text append
  148. Limit file_get_contents?
  149. Resolved php missing duplicates
  150. About paths when including files
  151. PHP Help needed.
  152. Changing the post on a form based on input submission
  153. PHP injection
  154. $xpath?
  155. loading from db
  156. DD ads in php
  157. what is the trick to develop in php multilevel affiliate earnings script ?
  158. Resolved dynamic profile display
  159. search subdirectory
  160. question using php to search mysql
  161. Multidimensional menu
  162. Get data from Javascript to PHP - Possible?
  163. passing check box value to next page
  164. PHP mail issue
  165. How to add a filter
  166. Resolved Tracking dynamic .HTACCESS redirects?
  167. How to convert an .ASP form to PHP
  168. Related search terms issues
  169. How is the -> symbol used
  170. PHP Hidden value
  171. Resolved PHP trigger python
  172. Resolved conditional validation check on 2nd email that isn't required
  173. Regex phrasing
  174. Creating a poll in php
  175. Resolved Please Correct my PHP Code
  176. PHP Contact form redirect help
  177. Turn on allow_call_time_pass_reference for a single page
  178. silide menu
  179. *Secure* PHP form script?
  180. Disable XSL when using fsockopen()?
  181. Multi-languages website ( inside 2 tables of database )
  182. Resolved using a function to create math check - issue with checking if correct
  183. Resolved PHP form Validation
  184. Resolved Adding valid email into php form
  185. Resolved Fetching random lines beginning with a specific word
  186. Total Calculation, Post to Dbase Table
  187. Resolved How to pass several values from radio buttons
  188. Save Date as an Integer
  189. website security - blank forms
  190. fix my php code
  191. Multiple rows update
  192. Resolved simple ( insert and get ) php example .
  193. Resolved PHP date() function, what's happening?
  194. Determining a database line
  195. Resolved Help with accending and decending comment order.
  196. Display random images using php and mysql
  197. email validation in php
  198. What is the best way to loop through an array?
  199. Resolved Determining days in any given month
  200. Resolved Upload file then headers?
  201. csv -> xlsx
  202. total total newb question-
  203. Resolved Interesting array problem
  204. pulling contacts from an emal address
  205. Some processing script help
  206. Unidentified error occurs when testing a recordset in php dreamweaver mx 2004
  207. few more quick newb q's
  208. Resolved Turning part of an array into a variable to output
  209. On line test
  210. Database is down
  211. PHP/MySQL - Delete from two tables and server files
  212. using regular expressions in a registration form
  213. Resolved echo problems w/ included pages
  214. Resolved View entries from last 7 days
  215. Display data of multiple tables into page?
  216. programm to write php code
  217. how to duplicate drop down menu
  218. Please help with php forum code
  219. Weird problem?
  220. Iframe and static URL address
  221. Why are global variables needed in this code?
  222. flvtool and php?
  223. web players
  224. PHP is not reading cookie until I refresh - help
  225. Resolved Is there a price scale for PHP dynamic web site design?
  226. split explode?
  227. Resolved ddsmothemenu problem in fire fox
  228. Unidentified error occurs when testing a recordset in php dreamweaver mx 2004
  229. quiz using php and mysql
  230. PCRE Help
  231. Simple form question
  232. PHP Text Wrapping In CSS
  233. PHP Email / Response Verification
  234. how secure? (file upload script)
  235. Resolved Why does the following place a \ into the text
  236. How I count current visitors on my site, total visitors since
  237. Resolved problem with POST contact form
  238. Beginner tackles cookies. Result - Loss
  239. getting values from multiple frames
  240. Apache Server Config
  241. Resolved Having trouble working with "stat( )"...
  242. In a website that ALL webpages are of index.php?id=1, index.php?id=2, index.php?id=3,
  243. In a small Site is better appear breadcrumbsmaually - I mean fixed ? Or dynamically -
  244. Email form and response - how do I create both?
  245. Basically I want exchange rates to calculate requested ...
  246. PHp script to email download link
  247. Includes
  248. Calling all PunBB experts..
  249. Where should I write my code?
  250. Code All Of A Sudden Stopped Working