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  1. Resolved random image plus random alt from folder
  2. Looking for an announcement script
  3. novice (sorry) can someone take a look a my contact form code?
  4. Need some help with new script install, Please...
  5. Really easy one: how to space form values in resulting email...
  6. Guestbook posting problem
  7. Resolved I need some real simple fast help
  8. need help with form
  9. Need to validate form by PHP.
  10. fopen() problem
  11. Resolved Looking for an addition
  12. dynamically changing the value of text box
  13. Resolved Basic OOP question
  14. Uploading file for particular ID
  15. Help with integrated PHP
  16. Reg Expressions
  17. Where to place java class file in php???
  18. Unsubscribe Link
  19. When learning PHP & MySQL...
  20. ' and this "
  21. Trouble with while loop and mysql_fetch_array not returning multiple rows from db
  22. PHP Selects and output - dynamic update?
  23. how to put link in javascrit code with Blitz template
  24. pagination by date problem
  25. Multiple Row Insert
  26. method to handle postback event??
  27. php include problem
  28. Replacing   and ° in PHP
  29. assistence required for changing theme for image rating script
  30. 2 primary keys?
  31. Update dynamic html table with form submit in DW CS3
  32. How to change the colour of the menu?
  33. how can I embed the ecard script into the web page
  34. php to parse word document
  35. PHP code to retrieve search results
  36. where can I find?
  37. Help with Signup Sheet
  38. More PHP woes
  39. Uploading / Resizing Images?
  40. Directories unwriteable. php.ini help.
  41. Process text within a web page
  42. how to insert into `db`
  43. Resolved When to use which?
  44. new to php, please help
  45. Explain this syntax
  46. Another Simple thing
  47. How to embed video to a page?
  48. help with string functions
  49. PHP copy() function
  50. Current People Viewing Site
  51. Now Playing
  52. Joining two PHP strings together does not work
  53. Language translator
  54. PHP Mail Help
  55. Resolved show me how to update db please
  56. get date load X Header
  57. Can you please check to see if my code s are wrong?
  58. auto number column
  59. php html_entity_decode
  60. Changing Theme
  61. PHP 101 on Zend's website
  62. Using XML
  63. PHP cookie script for IE failing?
  64. Resolved Switch Statements problem
  65. How to put JS in PHP
  66. Scrolling PHP image viewer
  67. About OOP
  68. php to generate dynamic fields
  69. "No such file or directory"! Help!
  70. php popup box to replace form redirect page?
  71. hide the class after first row
  72. Updating month <a name""> dynamically
  73. help with $_post
  74. PHP form to email help
  75. General Knowledge
  76. jquery pagination with php
  77. php doesn't load dynamic pagination
  78. Changing email name from server
  79. Resolved Newbie question
  80. Resolved Band new to PHP
  81. Resolved login page help
  82. Joomla Plugin Development Question
  83. Any way to shorten session variable names?
  84. i'm familiar with php but i'm still confusing with this strange character ....
  85. problems with my Autosuggest project
  86. Resolved PHP compatibility issue with 64-bit Windows machine on php GD library?
  87. Display a certain amount of characters from a string?
  88. Show and Hide in php
  89. How to get PHP Countdown Script into London Timezone
  90. php emailing code
  91. RegExp Question
  92. Unlink to Delete File From Server
  93. Array issue with MySQL. I'm about to die
  94. phpbb3 and the rest of the world
  95. Working with dates
  96. SimpleXML and Google Calendar
  97. PHP wannaby needing help with echoing value from PHP query
  98. date("F j Y H:i:s T
  99. how to configure email serveron local computer
  100. renaming a uploded file
  101. User influenced query generation?
  102. PHP + Ajax Chat?
  103. mail() just send? Can it receives emails?
  104. [GD Lib] Create Watermark
  105. exporting mysql values to excel
  106. Help with Dagon Designs Form Mailer Script
  107. open link with firefox in php
  108. Layering a PHP?
  109. Php oop
  110. Pear: Mail
  111. PHP Redirect Question
  112. Default function values
  113. Date HTML Select Boxes functions
  114. PHP Chat, on a Free hosting Forum
  115. PHP Countdown only changing in the afternoon and not midnight
  116. PHP Login Script / Browser Problems
  117. Retrieving Data from Database to use in HTML
  118. is any function/property in PHP like js:location.href
  119. Need Help plz?
  120. Resolved Very new to PHP please help. (Thanks Jason.)
  121. Theme programming
  122. Looking for values in an array
  123. archives in php
  124. XML with PHP
  125. New Php Host
  126. Can PHP do this?
  127. Php strip spaces and punctuation and common words etc
  128. what am doing wrong ?
  129. [Shopping Cart] Hot Ones
  130. read data file via url ?
  131. How do I turn an array into a string?
  132. Using array_unique on MSQL while loop result
  133. $HTTP_POST_VARS Issue After PHP Upgrade
  134. Arrays
  135. Which Perl regex character matches punctuation characters etc
  136. mod_rewriting php urls tutorials?
  137. working w/ code that searches mySQL db but want to update as well
  138. If else
  139. Generating name & password
  140. Validating that keys exist in an array
  141. Resolved [mkdir] exists or not
  142. Working with PHPbb
  143. XML namespaces and SimpleXML
  144. MySQL being exploited...?
  145. checkbox problem
  146. in an affiliate program , how i count visitors in the refered AFF ID in php
  147. Quick question about HTML mail
  148. MySQL select where any = something
  149. Resolved How do you restrict file uploads???
  150. object oriented PHP
  151. More search help
  152. Why am I getting this error?
  153. UPS shipping system integration
  154. how in php I count & show, visitors currently (now) view my website ?
  155. Eliminate String - Discard Data Silently
  156. display url without querystring
  157. Error message updating functions.php file
  158. Need Help with Capitalization
  159. Open new window URL, variable from form in URL PHP
  160. Assigning variables within a foreach loop?
  161. .php upload form...
  162. Using prototype to insert and update - AJAX
  163. select 5 lines of data from db table?
  164. Write a Directorys Content to XML file
  165. Error... please help
  166. Trying to use session to update or delete specified article
  167. Coping Text from other sites
  168. Help Generating PHP Pages From A PHP Page
  169. Review and Test student project
  170. hard time with form validtion
  171. Affiliates Pro v3 php error
  172. Keeping the form from submitting after validation
  173. How to determine a file's extenstion, etc.
  174. PHP reload random record.
  175. Display Ad Help Needed
  176. Upload and list files
  177. $increment++;$_GET;$WTF
  178. SQL question in php
  179. Resolved php mysql date echo
  180. Newbie Seeks some PHP/XML understanding
  181. error in application
  182. Using output_replace for page titles
  183. Bodmas Maths Equation Generation...
  184. Copying text from my site
  185. Help with site map
  186. How would I edit this type of script?
  187. Resolved Counter for dynamically generated pages/content
  188. Varbinary to Hex
  189. error below appears in the line 1502, where may be the problem ?
  190. php help please
  191. How to retrieve the data from PHP to XML?
  192. Send form data from product select page to order form page?
  193. Flash object nullified within index.php
  194. checkboxes and php
  195. Explode Function Help
  196. write xml file
  197. Resolved quick question about COOKIE check
  198. Blog Images
  199. add modules dynamically
  200. permutation efficiency
  201. Simple question about forms
  202. Resolved Php help needed
  203. Resolved My php menu now validates and my index does not, why?
  204. Delete file that is currently running
  205. Resolved file upload audio/wave
  206. Help needed with session/include
  207. PHP Hit/Visitor Log
  208. Getting DB time results when times on different days
  209. How to replace an xml element name
  210. ereg / preg_match time validation
  211. Need help with WHILE loop please
  212. PHP form question
  213. Need help with foreach please... Urgent...
  214. Adjusting a php-login script to multiple users and pages
  215. PHP Help Needed
  216. Multiuser PHP Logging system
  217. What php script can I use?
  218. Animated gif with GD
  219. update rows in table
  220. help for web server.....quickly
  221. read pdf file
  222. PHP mail form
  223. Resolved mysql and php database (linking data)
  224. read xml file
  225. how to read pdf file using php?
  226. PHP forms
  227. Resolved php syntax
  228. Resolved Help coverting to PHP
  229. How to writes symbols in php ?
  230. HELP with form submission
  231. Resolved php echo data
  232. search csv file with php
  233. Combo box script embed in a .php doc need some help.
  234. Making a page with limited results
  235. Form to send mail+attachment
  236. Resolved Deleting SQL Entries with a PHP form
  237. PHP Coding website?
  238. Simple php skinning
  239. Resolved Using id vs. name in an HTML form
  240. How does this work $a <<= 2 ???
  241. Lotto script
  242. array problem
  243. Check this out - Videos on how to protect your website against hackers
  244. utf8 "\xA9" does not map to Unicode
  245. Resolved Need Help with Capitalization & PHP
  246. code needed for showing sub cats in a list
  247. Resolved PHP help needed
  248. php in flash or swf file
  249. date drop down box
  250. Simple Query(1 column) to array to variables (not simple to me )