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  1. PHP Include File
  2. dynamic check of email address?
  3. Question About OOP
  4. Pagination
  5. Advanced PHP Form
  6. PHP Form on .html site
  7. Resolved Auto mail sending
  8. update username
  9. submitting form redirect trouble
  10. fsockopen() Error
  11. Simple PHP password form
  12. using PHP to remove elements from XML file.
  13. Putting variables inside variables?
  14. unexpected T_ELSE problem! please help
  15. Is there a way in PHP to load css,js, image files so IE's flash light can be avoided
  16. Password Form Multiple Users
  17. Several "headers"
  18. turn variable in eregi_replace string into incl file
  19. Dreamweaver cs3 registration form
  20. an Idea possible
  21. php encypted/viewable?
  22. PHP Imageviewer preventing file extension printout
  23. Php/Mysql/Ajax (updating fields of a form of a page using Ajax)
  24. Flash form Being Processed by PHP
  25. Rename file during upload
  26. dropdown list get selected value into mysql table
  27. State article with its comments
  28. Strange bg.gif appearing at bottom of page
  29. Title to image convert problem !!!
  30. display two ads images from mysql in left and right
  31. While error neverending?
  32. Sending And Receiving(?) SMS
  33. bots (easy question)
  34. rotating random link
  35. writting files
  36. Flat File 'Next Line' Issue
  37. Get PHP to rename a file
  38. Hiding Text Boxes On Login
  39. Ampersands in PHP-populated drop-down list
  40. login using database
  41. Regular Expression Help CSV
  42. How to find rich text in php code?
  43. finished projects(websites/web applications)
  44. login and password not working
  45. htaccess - url rewriting
  46. Installation database form
  47. .htaccess hotlinking
  48. Restrict access to admin pages
  49. Help with my autoresponder
  50. PHP User Uploaded Files
  51. Error SQL: newbie question.
  52. Calling Items from Same Row In Database
  53. checking mysql row - if blank ok - if some value block
  54. simple xml update from php form
  55. how to use dynamic calender on form shows through ajax
  56. preg_match Help with adding apostrophe and other special chars
  57. How to toggle with flash swf and jpg image
  58. detect cookie expiration date
  59. Boolean Problems
  60. echo selectbox value and matching array item
  61. defining with php??
  62. Simple PHP Validation Help?
  63. my simple script refused to installed
  64. shopping cart script help
  65. One file upload form for different file types
  66. protect my site
  67. Adding records to a form without submitting the form
  68. mail with upto 10 attachments
  69. Article Edit button
  70. accept multiple
  71. running my program displays none of my stdin or prints
  72. how can I empty my records
  73. Help loading images on a set date?
  74. photo in database
  75. PHP Paging With Custom Pagesize
  76. Need Help** Urgent
  77. I need urgent help
  78. Resolved Encryption Problems
  79. Looking for a good registration script
  80. Looking for customizable CMS, sort of....
  81. PHP dispatchers
  82. I want to auto generate an email to user from a form
  83. What is the 3rd parameter?
  84. File Upload keeping track
  85. changing the BBCode allowed
  86. changing the BBCode allowed (I am terribly sorry for double post, please delete)
  87. Search on text entered using fckeditor
  88. PHP Required
  89. PHP Driven Blog?
  90. Why wont this code work?
  91. ia any wrong above[validating email address Reqexp] ?
  92. Resolved Shadowbox vs. Wordpress
  93. Resolved preg_replace confuses me.
  94. view user information
  95. File access via php
  96. Resolved Get database size?
  97. PHP include
  98. About JWFLV Player
  99. simple login
  100. PHP Login Admin Features
  101. Multiple
  102. tic tac toe question
  103. how to split the string in 2 parts
  104. php mail with attachment
  105. how I can import the items in a combo box from ms excel ?
  106. How to create auto response number
  107. To read data from CSV file and print the values in Select field of a form
  108. urlrewrite virtual folders and form submit
  109. using php in javascript
  110. Resolved Showing nearest 5 results of for() loop?
  111. how to make my chat faster?
  112. PHP ping user
  113. Regarding news limit
  114. Activation page
  115. Resolved Form validation & Thank you page
  116. Problem with putting image and positionning a div with an echo"div"
  117. modify xml using php <form>
  118. Text Changing At Certain Time Of Day
  119. mysql error
  120. How to search a word in text file.
  121. How do I learn php ?
  122. PHP Sessions expires without a reason
  123. lost in PHP session
  124. php private area in php (no database) - customization
  125. How to create pagination for dirctory file listing (No database is used)
  126. How to display news blogs in PHP
  127. Removing Latest Rows From Database
  128. AM/PM in online form
  129. dynamic to static urls
  130. PHP proccing Forum
  131. Sorting file numbers
  132. Resolved Inserting records
  133. problem deleting particular row record
  134. PHP Cookies Tutorial
  135. New to PHP
  136. Inline PHP not validating.
  137. Displaying images with different extensions
  138. AWS S3, SQS, Simple DB
  139. huge problem with game, massive item stats
  140. Radio/Dropdown Fields
  141. destroy session id and get new
  142. Generate Dynamic XML File
  143. Retrieving Data From Database in PHP
  144. echo problem? can't select my data from mysql table
  145. Login form errors
  146. Need a script fast
  147. Resolved FTP file creation
  148. My first attempts at php
  149. Processing Progress bar / on off message?
  150. Populating Array....
  151. dreamweaver php debugger?
  152. Permantly update array w/array_walk or assign to new?
  153. html table, arrrghhh!!
  154. time stamp
  155. Variables in directories
  156. Resolved Adding comments to simple weblog.
  157. php session not working in frame ... need help
  158. Resolved write to file
  159. Security Issue in my script - Injection
  160. images not showing with require_once
  161. HTTP_REFERER Questions
  162. $else problems with an ftp login script
  163. disable page options while loading page
  164. prevent form editing
  165. php and xml
  166. creating xml file from php form
  167. IP Blocking
  168. stop submiting input if his last input submitted less than one minutes ago. HOW?
  169. Trying to connect to MySQL at my ISP (Demon.net)
  170. One form to another using PHP
  171. Show Video then load page
  172. overflow error?
  173. php redirect header problem.
  174. Blank fields
  175. Resolved Inverse a
  176. passing value range via form post
  177. How to use both url and post variables on same target page
  178. PHP with XML? Google Weather
  179. how to search a word in a sentence, it's simple, but i dont't know, how?
  180. Making permalinks?
  181. How to display upcoming birthdays?
  182. List Contents of Directory With exception
  183. index.php?=new url
  184. Dynamic variable naming?
  185. Is it possible to determine column heights in dynamic pages?
  186. echoing value of checkboxes using php and javascript
  187. help with refer based redirect
  188. How to submit html form info to sessions
  189. How to open a doc file in a browser without the dialog boxes
  190. Contact form using php
  191. Dynamically Creating an XML File
  192. Send auto reply to form field email address
  193. How to generate a email to user from a form
  194. Updating an XML File with PHP
  195. Resolved if statements and functions
  196. Gzip Woes
  197. Resolved Function Parameters problems
  198. Resolved Is there a limit on how many timed the GD function 'imageline' can be called?
  199. htaccess mod rewrite
  200. text without html tags retrieved by php's fopen(http:// function.
  201. Help with an idea for dynamic content?
  202. Resolved php 4 to php 5
  203. Array Help
  204. Regular expressions - matching two possible patterns using | (pipe)
  205. DB date display problem
  206. display email as html email
  207. PHP calendar
  208. File Upload
  209. change password script
  210. Resolved haha?
  211. highlight current page in pagination
  212. PHP form help
  213. Fread error..
  214. Tell me how to make a forum in php and embed it in html website
  215. Create a word document from a search
  216. Resolved getimagesize?
  217. Contacts from mysql into a pdf file
  218. php processing script doing weird things
  219. Help with OR in IF statement ( code included )
  220. adding permissions
  221. preg_replace
  222. php urlencode
  223. Session Variables
  224. Paypal php integration
  225. Download multiple files by calling multiple times a function
  226. .htaccess troubles
  227. open new window
  228. How do I use php code in html page. Plz help me. This may be simple answer for many
  229. How to auto refresh as in http://www.swoopo.com/
  230. Resolved WAMP Problem
  231. paypal problem
  232. multiple directories, single codebase [kinda long, sorry]
  233. Conditional submit ...
  234. Resolved Sending a value to a form from a link
  235. secure mysql usage
  236. Resolved mail functional
  237. How to read and write the XML DOM with PHP
  238. PHP Photo Album script
  239. simple script to create a dir and copy file to it
  240. PHP Array with MySQL
  241. Need Help Scripting Php!
  242. PHP Image Resizer
  243. Curls posting to a Punbb Register Forum
  244. Resolved Help with Math in php/html page
  245. php script not sending all data from a form
  246. Resolved Russian language shows incorrect
  247. Upload form
  248. Setting up admin levels
  249. Make Referral Link Travel With Visitor
  250. Is wrong have two statements like: <?php session_start(); ?>