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  1. error include url
  2. Need help interpreting a mySQL function please
  3. Conditional Display of Form Fields
  4. Image upload
  5. non-inclusive preg_match
  6. Is it possible to combine multiple arrays into one sorted array?
  7. Language translation with special chars, str_relace, preg_replace or strtr?
  8. Need help loading values from an array into a table
  9. Newb PHP Question
  10. Highlighting searched keywords
  11. GET and POST methods
  12. Count IMAP folder messages (read and unread) with PHP?
  13. Blank Variables
  14. Echo multiple from foreach, only echos last result
  15. Highlighting a dynamic php page in the menu - have code
  16. create search engine in my site
  17. Need help please with conditional statements
  18. Help! undefined function xslt_create()
  19. Templates
  20. Dynamically Resizing Images.
  21. Chat; scroll down new content
  22. Can you use wildcards in php?
  23. Dynamic Titles on CMS Website
  24. count the number of times page reloads
  25. cGI and Frontpage problem
  26. Form Mailer Problem!
  27. Tutorial for ecommerce
  28. Semester using months results
  29. phpmyadmin mysql-php
  30. include file to control elements in static php pages
  31. PHP Script Question
  32. video upload using php
  33. Proper use of a loop inside a while loop
  34. Replace html tags
  35. At below code if I want to use rather selected the selected="selected"
  36. Mailer Expandable?
  37. What does this php shortcut mean?
  38. html tags in php variables?
  39. Needing help changing my php form into running total
  40. form redirect
  41. My index.php file size is increasing dramatically
  42. Clickable variables
  43. Is this good for preventing mysql injections?
  44. PHP get question
  45. Sessions vs cookies?
  46. PHP code for a membership registration details
  47. Functions and Variables
  48. Stopping blank email forms
  49. base decode potential hack
  50. This is sad. I need help :P
  51. Redirect problem with FF3
  52. Problem with php-java
  53. The Myriad Uses of the "%" sign
  54. GZIP extract all files?
  55. Incoming Mail Receiving in PHP
  56. PHP - Page Counter
  57. Help with flash + php + mysql
  58. PHP MySQL give something in time increments without cron jobs?
  59. convert html to PDF
  60. upload image
  61. str_replace not giving correct output
  62. PHP Include, Then Change File By Link
  63. If I want to destroy only part of a sessions' vars (php), what to do ?
  64. Collecting values from checkboxes to use in a category search
  65. php mail
  66. make a query with the value of text
  67. Removing text in HTML with PHP - Help Please
  68. newbie question on php and forms
  69. Prevent hotlinking and viewing, but still include?
  70. PHP Form Help ! for a newbie
  71. php switch
  72. .htaccess redirect while upgrading site.
  73. Need help with a login script
  74. UNSOLVED: Dynamically changing colors and resizing image
  75. I need a Download counter
  76. Bulk Domain Availability Checker
  77. whois code
  78. site_logo on PHPbb3 forum
  79. My I need PHP help Thread. :)
  80. Please count my penguins.
  81. PHP instead of Iframe
  82. Php coding question, help please! :)
  83. php date to mysql date
  84. looking for an email script
  85. include_once("../php_files/logout_links.php");
  86. ${finalprice.$i+1}
  87. comparing array values?
  88. beginner help
  89. OOP programming question
  90. PHP Title Tag With Includes Problem....
  91. Help: Users can login and access their account, but not content?
  92. Adding Dynamic Paypal Cart Buttons
  93. Looking for a base Script
  94. correlation coefficient prob...PHP
  95. Repeating Region Control
  96. Hide my real url
  97. Random Selection through PHP
  98. Image holder in php
  99. Help with php sessions
  100. php sessions vars expiry all same time
  101. Help Needed For Enquiry Form
  102. cakephp install
  103. PHP Email Testing using XAMPP
  104. cake php
  105. critique
  106. Variable being reset after isset
  107. php mail attachment
  108. Validation
  109. 0 at the beginning
  110. rieving image types/mime types
  111. WordPress Headache...
  112. FIXED: Would like to mail on submit button
  113. Counter continuing from page to page?
  114. need help and hi to all
  115. How do you decrypt a password
  116. PHP getting a form element
  117. Empty list item - Wordpress PHP
  118. Need help getting finfo_file() script to work.
  119. mail form
  120. Optimizing Code
  121. Help with array form submission
  122. Automatic php watermarking
  123. need help in php code
  124. Alternative to database
  125. If i had hair i'd be pulling it out! HELP!
  126. check for ?page=home OR domain.com
  127. lightbox popup control
  128. PHP MySQL Web Development Security Tips
  129. Zipping and Taring in php5 on Apache2
  130. 301 redirect old dynamic rewrite page to new one- help!
  131. PHP Login "This page contains POST DATA..."
  132. php header warning help please
  133. xampp and cakephp
  134. inline content
  135. Simple problem, not to me!
  136. PHP form secure
  137. flash-php-mysql login problem
  138. need help
  139. displaying multiple RSS on one page
  140. how i change the font
  141. Uploading Images for User's Page
  142. Hedge for copy/paste...
  143. Parse URL parameters into simple HTML?
  144. include js,css,thtml - cakephp
  145. Help adding Query String
  146. Re-Filling Check Boxes from a Table
  147. 1st to 6th Weeks of the Month
  148. Using Foreach/Loop on a query
  149. Is there an equivalent in php to the MySQL "IN" phrase?
  150. Creating a Free Forum Host
  151. Insert break
  152. to get values from last quote generated I must insert eg for pickUpLocation field ...
  153. Ajax & PHP
  154. php structure (MVC?)
  155. Redirect if IE?
  156. DreamWeaver CS3 PHP-Help-Please?
  157. when and where do we need octal code?
  158. how to modify the .txt file?
  159. text messaging through php
  160. Best Practices to Prevent SQL Injection
  161. Error with part of an if statement
  162. PHP Validation problems with mysql count rows and array_push
  163. need little bit help with XSPF Player Plugin
  164. Single Selection from PHP File
  165. Problem w/ Server
  166. strtotime, too future date?
  167. creating RSS for forum
  168. How to download file to server(host)
  169. Some hardass gameserver coding.
  170. Trying to upload through link, help.
  171. Make TAG's with PHP
  172. determine colors used in an image
  173. free mysql hosting
  174. php has an object like ASP.NET's id=Application.Contents("id"); ?
  175. easy multidimensional array problem
  176. PHP form queries
  177. Checking number of files in a folder
  178. Custom function gone crazy.
  179. Photo Section with Text
  180. autosuggest + mysql
  181. PHP user input validation
  182. how to process form without reloading a page?
  183. Sending a form without the <form>
  184. trying to change url based on select input
  185. Text string to multiple lines
  186. Secure file access
  187. Data encryption
  188. location/title in div
  189. string comparison
  190. Next page selection
  191. Opening socket to a file
  192. Custom error pages without htaccess
  193. Session - headers Error
  194. require error...
  195. URL Dynamic value passing error
  196. 2 button form...how to choose which is pressed.
  197. i need a little help with .htaccess
  198. posting problem
  199. Redirecting page?
  200. Adding images into a Layout...
  201. database search
  202. can someone help me please
  203. IF Statement. HELP
  204. Need some coding help
  205. Help with Php includes
  206. Pleae rectify my code
  207. Authentication
  208. Calling PHP script with file name
  209. Path for Include file
  210. Resolved PCRE syntax as it relates to wwws and https
  211. PHP/MYQSL brings back wrong value (resource ID #3)
  212. Help me with comment box!
  213. Limiting upload size
  214. Stripping characters
  215. export in excel from php/mysql
  216. Can't see new thread in the tutorial I am trying out
  217. Redirecting Problem Upon Form Submission...
  218. dynamic UL menu, 2 lines IE vs FF :( (PHP / CSS)
  219. if problem?
  220. simple php mail me
  221. Helo! Xml item appending problem
  222. form with 2 submit buttons
  223. Simple PHP syntax need to finalize post :)
  224. Submiting multiple forms with one Submit button
  225. Include subfolders in random image script
  226. edit xml & php code
  227. Embeding PHP into HTML
  228. Form works but showing error prior to adding any input
  229. php downdown menu? (newb)
  230. Irregular Expressions
  231. Can I use PHP to update prices on html page?
  232. can't redirect back to my requested page
  233. Resolved include mysql connections
  234. Installing PHP & Mysql
  235. php form... redisplay if validation fails
  236. Simple Php Gallery help
  237. PHP Downloads
  238. How to change codes to my language please
  239. help with splitting string
  240. Help with anti-spam routine
  241. help with making poll system dynamic
  242. Regex For Email
  243. PHP mail() Hotmail
  244. Layers of PHP?
  245. checkbox pagination
  246. write images from dir
  247. Help embedding a XML script into PHP site...
  248. Weird PHP Time
  249. make ping with PHP
  250. header redirect issue (probably simple?)