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  1. Visitor counter in php does not work
  2. rss showing 101 stoys but i only have 4 storys...
  3. Headers already sent problem
  4. webpage secure NOT accessed DIRECTLY/secure connection
  5. search criteria appear after search results appear, to the search form for new search
  6. Should be simple
  7. Change Date To Ghamary
  8. fetch url's in php video scripts???
  9. move uploaded_file and mkdir
  10. Formatting blocks of text from MySQL database
  11. Form Validation
  12. resize image
  13. How to Rename file while uploading in PHP
  14. select distinct month from mysql datefield?
  15. Loops
  16. how to restrict the records in PHP..??
  17. php script shows blank page
  18. Passing Textarea data with multilines to another page
  19. PHP and DD Scripts
  20. Help w/ REALLY simple login script
  21. php table INCLUDE
  22. help in mod_newsflash
  23. connecting mysql database with php
  24. Multiple queries on one mysqli object?
  25. Live Countdown From Database?
  26. Cookies
  27. referrer kidnapped!!
  28. Renaming a file...
  29. Table update problem
  30. .htaccess problem
  31. !isset $_POST submit
  32. attach file to email
  33. Moved working script to new server
  34. Variable Problem
  35. Editing a node value of a xml File in PHP
  36. Using Data transfer objects between script & HTML page
  37. Sessions
  38. Form help
  39. UPLOADING Page but no MIME for file
  40. out.php?type=rss
  41. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting '&' or T_VARIABLE
  42. PHP Image Generation
  43. email to php display emails on my site
  44. PHP Parsing Question
  45. fgetcsv won't give me my array
  46. dropdown boxes
  47. PHP email form
  48. Modify definition.php file with php form
  49. Parse Error I can't fix!
  50. merged threads- installing a script
  51. help
  52. Blog Entry Tagging/Keyword Script Troubles
  53. Audio Conversion
  54. deleting a line containing a string (help)
  55. Count articles in categories
  56. My SQL Session start fail...
  57. Displaying Code to Public Error
  58. only ie7 problem. continually security warnings prevent quote appear
  59. PHP member system help?
  60. Jumbled up my website
  61. PHP-powered form for Ajax XML Ticker (txt file source)
  62. Using PHP with the XML DOM
  63. appear a load icon in the same page, or in a new page
  64. php email
  65. Parsing XML data with PHP
  66. Simpler Loops
  67. writing to xml using php
  68. Non-database 'CMS' written in PHP
  69. Searching database
  70. im a php beginner
  71. Compare values of 2 columns in tables
  72. database/table synchronization?
  73. Webform help
  74. mailto problem?
  75. Using a comment widget that loads info depending on the URL
  76. Frame
  77. PayPal Soap interface?
  78. Chart for stock
  79. PHP Filter on a Form
  80. number format to word format
  81. Logout PHP ideas
  82. Session_id
  83. Submitting POST array to MySQL?
  84. Email form please?
  85. Results Table
  86. Date fields added in mysql
  87. client server interaction
  88. Replacing foreign chars in a string with regexp?
  89. Mystery Function - say what?
  90. User Submitted Info > Assign to Category
  91. online quiz..online dictionary
  92. PHP File Writing
  93. Cookies?! Iframes? OH NOES!
  94. common database sharing?
  95. Viewing User Profiles
  96. PHP Regex for CSS Selector
  97. Upgrading from mySQL 4 to mySQL 5
  98. Regex First Character Is Different Than
  99. Mysteriously Vanishing Footer
  100. dmwr mx 2004:avoid bar to display or not non secure items
  101. Login Script Using Cookies
  102. session no such files ...
  103. Using php to hide video embed urls?
  104. Nasty Comment Spam Problem
  105. how to easily delete a file through php
  106. Information Required
  107. how to save text in PHP..? need help asap...
  108. Line deleting using Array_Diff or str_replace();?
  109. Login names?
  110. WAMP setup
  111. Printer Friendly script ?
  112. A new user to php.
  113. problem with photo album type script?
  114. validating a form
  115. PHP contact form problem
  116. Page Blowout on Host change..Help!
  117. Change exploded string of property/values in to variable/values?
  118. Simple regex match **after** a period?
  119. If I include a fileField (dw cs3) form element in an html form then the attached file
  120. Need help about web2printer
  121. PHP Date Difference Function?
  122. PHP Files in Local view
  123. Variable values vanish in php5 but not php4
  124. spread function
  125. String to Array function
  126. Passing variables to functions
  127. How can a separate "upload image" field be added to richtext editor?
  128. session path when installing phpmyAdmin on a server
  129. emailing from a localhost
  130. attach file in form and send it via email, email message body=included php file
  131. Delay on submit button show up
  132. in the confirm php webpage(php include) how I refer this url name of fileField ?
  133. plz help me
  134. Simple question
  135. Placing PHP
  136. multiple submit
  137. desktop type browsing
  138. Insert a variable into an include path??
  139. Proper Use of Quotes with POST?
  140. mktime() issue
  141. A script to upload a file on the server
  142. Regular expression help with image extensions
  143. Help with creating a simple php script
  144. How to make a blog or forum?
  145. Session variable not echoing in linked CSS file
  146. Simple Password Protected Download Script
  147. Flood protect
  148. PHP Script Help
  149. Trouble combining multiple RSS feeds into one feed
  150. Save data
  151. Newbie Array Question
  152. Any visitor see GMT+2 time.
  153. Changing My Index Homepage While Script Running
  154. Error messages when including files in a higher directory
  155. BBCode Parser
  156. Web form message goes to spam often
  157. PhP form
  158. PHP (X)HTML Validator using cURL (Not Sending Correct Request?)
  159. remote server includes
  160. mail form with upload file
  161. Newbie Help
  162. web counter
  163. Web 2.0 | Widgets
  164. Web directory in PHP source Code.
  165. PHP MYSQL Erase all fields beginning with...
  166. dagon php form mailer help
  167. Joomla integration question
  168. Append incremental
  169. How To Generate Thumbnail of HTML Pages
  170. Error "not a valid cURL handle resource" getting HTTP code with CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE
  171. Resolved preg_match not matching
  172. Frist time connecting to mysql database: PHP error
  173. How to prevent duplicate record insertion while refresh the php page?
  174. Code Igniter
  175. Having Problems with PHP News System Tutorial
  176. simple php formatting question
  177. Help!!
  178. Combine RSS feeds By relevance
  179. EXEC: Multi-line input
  180. css not showing up with php in code
  181. Create new folder and .TXT file
  182. create a menu
  183. php and css
  184. textarea content- display different format
  185. Function within a function? I don't think I have this right
  186. display:none in PHP?
  187. In a jam...Need Help with simple php script
  188. E-commerce site
  189. nav to php using other php files
  190. Creating dynamic results page
  191. xml templates using php
  192. PHP mail, cookies, fill out a form once only
  193. rearranging table rows
  194. GD Image resizing and saving thumb
  195. How to implement different flashplayers, dynamically?
  196. php with wml for loading image
  197. display image from database with links
  198. Pass portion of URL to web page form
  199. Breadcrumb Navigation
  200. Getting XML from an external site
  201. Newbee needing help.....please
  202. Email a pdf
  203. Replace frames with php
  204. Problem with upload script
  205. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  206. Problem with $sql_order
  207. Does PHP works with Windows Hosting
  208. PHP and MS Access
  209. Finding Even and Odd Numbers
  210. Splitting array twice
  211. Problem with PHP web form
  212. dynamic title per which statement
  213. How do I make a drop-down list for a calendar?
  214. Trying to make basic cms.
  215. $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], << need help with!
  216. i want o know abt div -id use
  217. Executing PHP from variable
  218. Simple Question re syntax
  219. Random Feed
  220. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  221. http request problem
  222. SELECT Function PHP Script
  223. PHP writes XML of jpegs in folder
  224. newbiee, how to create simple permalink in php
  225. Post Slashes
  226. detect proxy server with PHP?
  227. uploading images with php and mysql
  228. in localhost work but not on internet, why..?
  229. php replace function
  230. If else with html
  231. php image upload shown in text area
  232. Group by Make...
  233. PHP Windows or Linux
  234. Need Help Creating a Simple Listing
  235. Why will the date not move forward?
  236. PHP and XML
  237. Exclude mysql column from array
  238. Call PHP source code into an html page
  239. Dynamic Text Field/MYSQL
  240. How to display time in 12 hour format?
  241. [help] WHILE loop or not?
  242. How do you pass a value through the address URL?
  243. static html with php help!
  244. Need a small help
  245. Regex - Stripping content from comments in html
  246. Need help on one line please
  247. click counter when link is pressed
  248. Button function
  249. control in mailform
  250. error include url