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//Link Description script- Dynamic Drive (
//For full source code and TOS, visit

//change link descriptions to your own. Extend as needed
var linktext=new Array()
linktext[0]="Visit Dynamic Drive for some great DHTML scripts!"
linktext[1]="JavaScript Kit, the JavaScript technology center"
linktext[2]="Direct link to hundreds of free java applets online"
linktext[3]="Research information, get homework help, chat with educators"
linktext[4]="The virtual encyclopedia"
linktext[5]="Your online dictionary"

var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all
var ie=document.all

function show_text(thetext, whichdiv){
if (ie) eval("document.all."+whichdiv).innerHTML=linktext[thetext]
else if (ns6) document.getElementById(whichdiv).innerHTML=linktext[thetext]

function resetit(whichdiv){
if (ie) eval("document.all."+whichdiv).innerHTML='&nbsp;'
else if (ns6) document.getElementById(whichdiv).innerHTML='&nbsp;'


<!-- show_text(index# of linktext[] to show, ID of div to write to) -->

<a href="" onMouseover="show_text(0,'div1')" onMouseout="resetit('div1')">Dynamic Drive</a> | 
<a href="" onMouseover="show_text(1,'div1')" onMouseout="resetit('div1')">JavaScript Kit</a> | 
<a href="" onMouseover="show_text(2,'div1')" onMouseout="resetit('div1')">Freewarejava</a> 
<span id="div1">&nbsp;</span>

<a href="" onMouseover="show_text(3,'div2')" onMouseout="resetit('div2')">Encarta</a> | 
<a href="" onMouseover="show_text(4,'div2')" onMouseout="resetit('div2')">Britannica</a> | 
<a href="" onMouseover="show_text(5,'div2')" onMouseout="resetit('div2')"></a> 
<i><span id="div2">&nbsp;</span></i>


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