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Fading Ticker Tape Script

Author: Dynamic Drive

Note: Updated March 16th, 2003

Description: A cross browser ticker tape that can display an infinite number of messages. Each time the message changes, a fading effect is accompanied. The messages themselves are each clickable, and can be configured to go anywhere upon click. Fully functional in IE4+, NS4, NS6+, and Opera7+.



Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Insert the below into the <head> section of your page:

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Step 2: Insert the below inside the <body> section of your page, where you want the ticker to appear:

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Step 3: Finally, add the below into the <body> tag itself, like this:

<body onload="if (ie||ns6||ns4) {regenerate2();updatecontent()}">

Configuring the ticker

Changing the messages: The messages and their corresponding link are contained inside the array news[0], news[1] etc of the code in Step 2. Change those to your own (you may shorten or expand the number of messages as desired).

Changing the ticker's dimensions: To change the dimensions of the ticker, edit the "width" and height" in the style sheet of Step 1.

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