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Page Scroller (aka Custom Scrollbar)

Author: Dynamic Drive

Description: Looking for a script that replaces the window's default scrollbars in scrolling the page? This script allows you to use custom images to scroll the page up/down as the mouse moves over them. The images are always in view at the corner of the window. A critical script in environments where the default scrollbar is hidden (ie: popup window).

We designed this script to work in IE4+, NS4+, and Opera 6+. Cool!

Demo: To the right of you.

Directions Developer's View

Simply add the below script to the bottom of your page (ie: right above </BODY>):

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You'll want to also copy and upload the following two images to your web site:

(download by right clicking, and selecting "Save As")

For your information

Inside the script you'll see the option for specifying the horizontal/vertical offsets of the images from the window's edge (see docs inside script). Be careful when setting these numbers, as how close the images appear to the edge in IE and NS may differ. To be safe, leave ample space from the edge, and check your page in both IE and NS.

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