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Manual Scroller

Author: Dynamic Drive

Note: Idea derived from this script by Ronald Grafe 

Description: This DHTML scroller puts you at the helm. Scroll up, down, or pause as you choose. Plain HTML is used to specify its contents, so embedding/updating this content becomes a snap.


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- DHTML is the combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

- DOM stands for Document Object Model

- DHTML allows content on a page to change on the fly, without reloading the page

- CSS allows for the separation between content definition and formatting

- CSS stands for Cascading style sheet

- Dynamic Drive provides free, cut and paste DHTML scripts

Directions Developer's View

Simply add the following to the <BODY> section of your page:

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You can change the dimensions of the scroller by changing all occurrences of the values "155" and "160" to something else, corresponding to width and height, respectively.