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DHTML Ticker script

Author: Dynamic Drive

Note: Script rewritten March 9th, 06'

Description: Tickers remain the classic way to show content to your visitors one piece at a time and dynamically. This is a DHTML ticker script that takes in an array of messages and displays them on message at a time. For you people that like a little more flare, the script also supports an optional fading effect between messages!


Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Insert the below code in the <head> section of your page:

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Step 2: Then, inside the BODY section of your page, to display a ticker, simply use the below example code:

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The code of Step 2 shows you how to invoke a ticker instance:

new domticker(tickercontent, "domticker", "someclass", 3000, "fadeit")

Where "tickercontent" is the name of the array defined earlier that contains your ticker messages, and "domticker", an arbitrary but unique CSS ID for that scroller. "someclass" is simply an random CSS classname you can pass to add additional style to the ticker, and "3000" points to the pause time between messages, in milliseconds. Finally, "fadeit" is an optional parameter that when set, causes the ticker to fade the messages into view. To disable this feature, just remove this parameter completely.

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