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Customizable alert box IE

Credits: Dynamic Drive
Last updated: 99/04/05

Description: Every once in a while, we get strange requests from surfers. One of them is a DHTML script that will disable the right mouse click of surfers. Well, here it is. This is a IE 4+ exclusive DHTML script we created that will prevent the default right menu from popping up when the right mouse is clicked on the web page. Function wise, you might want to use this script to stop the surfer from easily saving your web page, or viewing it's source.

Demo: Right click anywhere inside this document if you're using IE 4!

Directions: Developer's View

Simply add the following code to your web page:

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All- Script works with Netscape 4 AND Internet Explorer 4+
NS- Indicates script works with Netscape 4 (NOT NS 6 yet)
IE- Indicates script works with Internet Explorer 4 and above
NS6!- Temporary index set up on script category pages to indicate script works in NS6

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