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  • Responsive Hybrid Menu  New Script Mar-13-14
    Hybrid Menu a responsive, 2 level navigation menu with multiple stages of adaptation depending on the user's screen size. The menu changes from a regular top menu bar with text anchors, to icons based, and finally to a left side bar menu as the user's screen size decreases.
  • Page Sideview Menu  New Script Feb-10-14
    This menu displays itself prominently on the page with the help of css3 transforms and transitions. The menu glides in from the left edge of the screen while shrinking the rest of the page content into the background, bringing the user's focus squarely on the menu itself.
  • Compact Drop Down Menus  New Script Jan-16-14
    This is a multi-level drop down menu that's also a space saver, by stacking the sub menus on top of one another when revealed. CSS3 transforms are used for the transition effect between sub menu changes, though the menu is functional in legacy browsers as well, including IE8+.
  • 3D Drop In Notifier  New Script Dec-11-13
    3D Notifier lets you broadcast important information to your visitors using a drop down panel that appears at the top of the page. Two modes of appearing are supported- "manual", where you explicitly open/close the panel, or automatic, where the panel appears automatically once per browser session to each visitor.
  • Full Page Slideshow  New Script Oct-4-13
    They do say bigger is better, right? This is a supersized slideshow that automatically expands to fill up the container it's in to let you display a slideshow that either covers the entire visible screen, or a certain section inside the page.  Each image is panned or zoomed in and out into view, adding intrigue and flare.
  • DD Icon Menu  New Script Aug-3-13
    DD Icon Menu creates an icon based vertical menu that sits fixed on the left edge of the browser window and expands to show sub menus onMouseover.  Infinite levels of sub menus can be associated with each icon, with each sub menu simply defined as a hidden DIV on the page.
  • Touch Image Gallery  New Script July-4-13
    Touch Image Gallery is a simple image gallery that caters to mobile and desktop browsers alike, by being touch/ swipe friendly, in addition to the traditional way of navigating. The gallery itself consists of just a regular UL list with images defined inside it.
  • Drop Down Tabs (5 styles)  Revised Script June-20-13
    Menus made responsive in mobile browsers, by collapsing elegantly when the window is 480px or less wide.
  • Responsive Side toggle Menu  New Script June-02-13
    Side Toggle Menu lets you add a side bar menu to your page that slides in from the left or right edge of the browser window. It supports two types of unveiling- either by nudging the rest of the page and making room for itself, or overlaying the page (and not displacing its neighbours).

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